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Dodgers News: Rich Hill Still Believes in Los Angeles’ Bullpen

The Dodgers’ bullpen gave away another game on Tuesday night, and their combined ERA continues to climb. Despite that Rich Hill still believes that Los Angeles’ bullpen is in a good position to keep the team competitive.

In a conversation with reporters, Hill had plenty of good things to say about the relievers.

The aggressiveness, sometimes we may lose that a touch and become a little bit snakebit sometimes. And I know I’ve gone through that in my career, The best way to combat that is to become more aggressive, and the more aggressive you become the more you find out what your abilities really are.

The bullpen most recently surrendered 4 runs on Tuesday evening after Hill departed the game in the midst of a 2-2 tie. Five relievers followed Hill, and 4 ended up being charged with a run. That is just the latest in a string of failures in the bullpen for the month of May.

As a unit, the Dodgers’ bullpen is one of the worst statistically in the National League. Their team ERA sits 4.61 in relief, which makes them the 4th WORST. Regardless, Hill thinks that brighter days are on the horizon.

I see that in our guys. I see the aggressiveness there. I know it’s there. We’ve seen it. And it will be there. I have 100 percent confidence in our bullpen. We have a tremendous amount of arms down there. Guys that have been doing the job and can do the job.

The Dodgers bullpen has accumulated a 4.68 ERA in May, and things don’t really look to be getting any better, There has yet to be a standout in the relief crew, aside from Dylan Floro going through flashes of brilliance.

The Dodgers are 36-19 and sit 7 games above the Padres in the West.

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  1. Folks, if you recall back at the end of the 1993 season when Jody Reed spent that year as the Dodger 2dn baseman and Jose Offerman was the SS, Jody left the team after that and in that year, Offerman showed he was truly lacking defensively and Reed had a hard time with him as a DP partner. At that year’s end he told Fred Claire and FO that Dodgers WILL NOT win with the SS they have. Spring forward to this year, 2019, and I, along with most here I believe will agree that the Dodgers WILL NOT win (go deep into PS and get to WS) with the BP this team now has. Case closed!

  2. What is Rich Hill suppose to say, “Our bullpen sucks and we will Not win meaningful games with this bullpen.” He already showed his displeasure when the team shifted(against Tampa Bay) and one of the Rays players beat the shift with a bunt. Why our hitters do that when the shift is used against them, huh?

  3. I don’t believe in Rich Hill, much less the losers collected by Freidman in this bullpen. If they cost us the WS again this year, as in 2017, it will be even more sickening.

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