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Dodgers News: Rich Hill Would Love to Return to Los Angeles in 2020

When the Dodgers first acquired Rich Hill in 2016, nobody knew what would follow. The Dodgers had struggled with injuries and consistency in their starting rotation and with Clayton Kershaw spending time on and off the IL, they needed stability at the position. Most fans were skeptical about the Dodgers giving up three highly rated prospects for a 36-year-old pitcher who was out of baseball just over a year ago.

But Hill would fit right in as a Dodger, taking that two spot right behind Kershaw and running with it. Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi were so impressed by Hill’s performance that they signed him to a three-year $48 million contract the following off-season. That contract expired at the end of this season.

According to Dodger Insider, Hill has said he would “love” to stay with the club in 2020.

“I’d love to get the opportunity to come back here and wear the Dodger uniform again,” he told Dodger Insider. “It was really cool. It was a great honor, and hopefully something will play out and I can come back into this locker room and be part of this club. It’s just going to be a lot of fun watching these guys, good young players and a really good pitching staff coming back too.”

Hill went on to say that he believes the Dodgers will remain one of the best teams in baseball next year because of their mix of young talent and returning veterans.

Despite dealing with forearm and knee injuries throughout 2019, Hill put up a 2.45 ERA in 2019. He has gone 30-16 with a 3.16 ERA and 1.08 WHIP over three seasons as a Dodger.

Although he will be 40 next season, Friedman believes that Hill will continue playing. He admitted that Hill will always be one of his favorite guys in the clubhouse and somebody he’s enjoyed watching in October, but also said he’s “not sure” what that means for 2020.

“There’s still a lot to kind of unpack there,” Friedman said.


  1. Gawd NO! The last thing we need to do is spend any kind of money on a four inning pitcher who’s constantly hurt. Let him go elsewhere to finish his memoir “My Life on the DL”.

  2. I think he would return on a token contract and I’d like to see it. When he’s healthy he’s pretty good and he throws the kind of stuff that holds up regardless of age.

  3. Sorry Rich, but your time is passed. Your health is bad and there are better, younger players available who can give the team more innings and pitches than your one note curve ball that every one figures out usually by the third time through the batting order which you hardly ever get. Take your 48 mil that you should still have a big chunk of and go into retirement and let your body heal….OR…, go to a loser that needs an arm (like Colorado or Baltimore) and continue to ply your trade.

    When you have played you have been a good Dodger. But you would have to take a big pay cut to stay with the Dodgers and even then, I believe they would just rather move on… Thanks for your efforts though… They quite entertaining!

  4. No way this guy he’s hurt 345 out the year, hell no , he’ll no bounce his behind out of LA, and unemployment line he’s first one to go ?

  5. No room…
    1- Walker B
    2- Kersh
    3- Urias
    4- May
    5- Gonsolin
    Maeda to the bullpen full time or starts if someone goes to dl.
    Money freed up from Hill and Ryu goes toward a new closer.
    Turner goes to first, sign Rendon! Gavin Lux will have to be a role player for a season, before Turner’s contract ends this next season.

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