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Dodgers News: Rival Executives Happy For Stan Kasten, Dodgers Success

The Dodgers spending ways have been highly scrutinized, especially earlier in the season, but that’s all subsided after their 40-8 stretch and 23-3 record since the All-Star break.

While many outside of baseball see the Dodgers just throwing around money (Brandon Belt, ahem), people inside of baseball agree that seeing the Dodgers thrive is good for the game.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today spoke to several executives who believe the Dodgers run is special and should be embraced:

What the Dodgers are doing, Tampa Bay Rays owner Stu Sternberg says, is good for baseball. I’d like to think that when small-market teams do well, it’s good for baseball, too, but this is special.

Sternberg saw first hand what the Dodgers are capable of doing after a three-game weekend sweep, but it’s clear that the Dodgers are back at the forefront of the baseball landscape.

As Ned Colletti has stated several times, the Dodgers spending last year in acquiring the quartet from Boston and Hanley Ramirez was a way for the Dodgers to catch up after being strapped by the McCourt era.

Even though the Dodgers schedule does let up against the NL West, president Stan Kasten isn’t conceding anything:

It’s way too early to celebrate anything, but I do think a good team in Los Angeles is good for baseball. Just like a good team in New York is good for baseball.

Kasten also talked about how he can’t believe the run the Dodgers are on and how the team has exceeded his own expectations. The Dodgers success on the field will only encourage them to keep improving, something Dodger fans won’t ever get sick of.


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