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Dodgers News: Roberts Agrees That LA Had ‘Bullseye’ On Their Back All Season Long

Being the top team in professional sports automatically makes you a target for other teams. They bring their best to take you down any given night to say they beat the best team, and it doesn’t make it any easier for Dave Roberts.

Along with taking the title for the best team in the league, the Dodgers also play in the Los Angeles limelight fueling an even deeper hatred amongst fans. Every team wants to beat LA no matter the case.

The pressure surmounts over an entire season making the 111 wins in a season that much more special. Luckily, it also helps when your manager is used to being in such a zone for competition (via MLB Network).

No matter the season, the Dodgers get the full brunt of any team that faces them, and rightfully so. The Dodgers have remained consistent in the regular season under Roberts and is something most teams only hope to emulate.

When the new season approaches, there’s no question the Dodgers will have the bullseye right back on them again.

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