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Dodgers News: Roberts Explains Why Vargas is on the Roster Over Hanser Alberto

Tough decisions had to be made ahead of game one of the NLDS with most notably, Hanser Alberto not making the postseason roster. Instead, Miguel Vargas took the final spot for the Dodgers. 

There was good reason for either player to make the team with many believing Alberto would make the roster with his vet experience and team chemistry he has built, but Dave Roberts ultimately chose Vargas. Recently, Roberts spoke to the media and gave his reasoning for the tough decision.

“I think sort of the thought behind it is Vargas is a hit tool, the bat to ball, and the foot speed. With our roster, we’ve got a lot of coverage infield-wise, outfield-wise, but to have somebody that can run like him, that the bat-to-ball to potentially drive in a run, we feel really comfortable with that.”

In most instances, players morale would ultimately be shattered after such a long season of work. This was not the case for Alberto.

“Hanser took it like a pro. Hanser’s value to the people that have followed us, it’s been amazing what he has done for our ball club, on the field, in the clubhouse.”

Thankfully, the energy and chemistry Alberto brings to the dugout didn’t go unnoticed and it was later announced he’d be allowed in the dugout. Hanser was able to be with his teammates and do what he does best. 

The decision made by Roberts seems to have paid off so far as the Dodgers took a commanding 1-0 lead on Padres.

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  1. I never thought Vargas would make the roster over Alberto. And the reasoning used by Roberts puzzles me. He talks of bat to ball as a plus for Vargas. Did he even consider Alberto’s strikeout rate is 16%, same as Freddie’s? That’s pretty damn good plus Alberto can hit one an inch off the ground, over his head, or a foot outside.

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