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Dodgers News: Roberts Not Ready to Commit to Gavin Lux as Starting Shortstop Just Yet

Trea Turner is gone to the Phillies. The shortstop position is now wide open for the Dodgers with signs pointing towards Gavin Lux being the opening day starter.

It’s a step down from Turner, but Lux plays a serviceable shortstop and may be enough at a much cheaper option for the team. This leaves the door open for the front office to continue working and finding potential top targets in other positions of need.

Dave Roberts is on board with having Lux as the starting shortstop. Of course, Roberts won’t give too much to the media of the Dodgers plans.

“I’m not going to say — we’re not at a point where I need to say he’s our shortstop, but as far as if it plays out as such, absolutely. Gavin’s gotten better every year that’s his natural position. But just having the flexibility to have him at third — or at second, if we need, I think helps the ball club and Gavin’s open to that. But certainly if Gavin takes down everyday shortstop innings then I’ve got no problem with that.”

The market is still full of strong candidates to fill the position. Guys like Carlos Correa despite fans not being fully open to the unity.

“Gosh, there’s a lot of good players left on the board. So I don’t know what direction we’re going to go as far as allocating dollars or players to the pitching, to the outfield, to the infield. So it wouldn’t be an honest or accurate answer now.”

How far can the Dodgers go with the players they currently have available? Championship aspirations are still a possibility, but clearly some more work needs to be done.

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  1. It’s either Gavin, Amaya, or CT3. Gavin has earned a shot. Gavin’s yips on his throws is a second base thing, you don’t throw 90 to a target 30 feet away. Just like golf it happens on touch shots putts, pitches, chips. At SS you can go ahead and throw the ball. Almost every baseball player with the trouble has been a second baseman, once in a great while a catcher will have trouble throwing back to the mound. He will be fine going to SS. His average will drop a bit hitting all the left handers but he has all the tools to play SS. Certainly a better option than CT, he is a utility player and are only acceptable for emergency duty at SS. Without the shift middle infielders need to be the best athletes on the field again, Gavin is an excellent athlete.

    1. I agree Lux is an excellent athlete. Looks like Vargas and Outman are sure things for the roster. I wonder if they give Busch and possibly Amaya a shot? Busch can hit and Amaya can field. The comments during 22 were that Busch has a very talented offense. He was improving on defense. Amaya is a very gifted defensive infielder. He could supplement as a utility guy.

  2. I believe Gavin needs the nod. He played SS in the minors. And–his defensive skills are actually good. Let him settle in at SS. He played a decent 2B; give him a shot. He could end up being a long term solution.

  3. If not committing to Lux, the Dodgers need to stop being left behind by other teams. So far the Dodgers have done nothing about filling holes 8n the outfield, SS or pitching. There are now fewer quality free agents out there.

  4. They need to sign Swanson at this point; keep Lux at 2nd and find some sort of solution at 3rd that involves Muncy not there the entire season. Dodgers need to focus on pitching more than anything though, with half the rotation finding other places to go. Most of the big boys are gone except Rodon, so they should probably sign him. I wouldn’t mind if they relied on the youngins on the field, but without pitchers we are going to be like the 2022 Rangers: Good offense, average pitching.

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