Dodgers News: New Vin Scully Program, Stadium Ready to Play, LA Draft Planning, and More

Dodgers fans, today is the day! Sure we don’t have baseball (and might not in 2020), but at least here on Monday we will have Vincent Edward Scully.

Dodgers News: MLB Network to Debut Vin Scully Documentary on Monday

Today could, in fact, be a very Dodger-filled day for fans! At 5 pm the Scully documentary will premiere, then at 6 pm the highly anticipated reunion of the 1988 championship team will take place the latest Dodgers Zoom Party. Right after, Dodgers Nation’s Blue Heaven Podcast will be live streamed on our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

More Blue Heaven Information Here

Over the weekend we also got the latest look at Dodger Stadium after undergoing a $100M renovation in the long offseason.

Dodger Stadium Renovation Aerial Update: $100M Plaza Completed?

In other news, the VERY much shortened 5 round MLB Draft is this week and we found out what the Dodgers’ thinking may be for their 6 picks.

Dodgers: ESPN Prospects Insider Kiley McDaniel Discusses LA’s Thinking for Upcoming Draft

Everything you need to know about watching the draft.

MLB Draft: Dodgers to Make 6 Selections Aired Live on ESPN, MLB Network

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