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Dodgers News: Scully Gives His Thoughts on TV Impasse

Time Warner Cable lowered their asking price for SportsNet LA, and it seems like a genuine offer by the company, at least in some way, to get the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcast onto nearly all major television providers everywhere. They’re going with a full-court press here, and it involves Vin Scully’s name.

However, the legendary broadcaster, in his own words, is “embarrassed” over having his name used as a means to get this possible deal done. Vin Scully will begin his final season on April 4th as the Dodgers take on the Padres in San Diego, and a vast majority of Angelenos will be without means to watch.

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From Bill Shaikin, contact reporter at the Los Angeles Times:

Said [Vin] Scully: “It’s really kind of embarrassing for me. If it will serve in any possible way to get the fans to see more games, that is the thing I would be rooting for.”

It makes some sense as to why Scully would feel a little bit embarrassed by this entire ordeal. No one wants to really have their name dragged through the proverbial mud, at least in some fashion, and made out to be the main reason that both sides need to come to an agreement for a new deal.

Still, as Scully himself even says, he is rooting for this deal to get done. And that sums up how most everyone feels about the way all of this has gone down. Hopefully Time Warner Cable and the other companies can come to an agreement. If not for the team, do it for Scully. He’s the voice we need the most in our baseball lives, and not hearing him during his final season would be catastrophic.

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  1. TWC is not doing it for Scully, they don’t give 2 craps about Vin, the players, or the organization, they care about money and that is where it ends.  TWC is one of the worst companies in the world with a terrible track record when it comes to their consumers, and the Dodgers are not going to change that. Dodgers are another revenue channel that they have locked in for 25 years and they are far more interested in pressuring the competition than doing the right thing for Dodgers fans.  I read somewhere that TWC has lost over $100m in this deal, but I wonder how far they will go.  I have no idea but would guess $10m per year, so maybe in 3 years or so they will have lost $250m total and decide it’s worth it to let people watch games again.  I personally hope they go bankrupt and the company breaks apart. 

    Does TWC own rights to playoff games?  We need to win of course, but would a deep playoff push put more pressure on TWC or would it help them make up their losses?

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