Dodgers News: Stadium Getting Ready For Opening Day

Dodger Stadium opened on April 10, 1962. It’s now entering its 54th year of existence, and that means that the field and stadium conditions must be maintained even during the offseason. Because of that, the ground crew of the Los Angeles Dodgers has been hard at work.

As the Dodgers prepare to take the field for the first time at home on April 12th, several things were needed to be done to ensure that the stadium, and field, started the year off on the right foot and in pristine condition. Namely, an uprooting of the sod.

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From the official Los Angeles Dodgers (@dodgers) Instagram account:

First off, HOLY FAST-MOVING ACTION, BATMAN! Secondly, this is pretty awesome to watch unfold. They redid both the infield and outfield, and everything looks pretty ready to go by the time April 12th rolls around.

Having a safe playing field and conditions are one of the vital components to a stadium, especially at the professional level. We’ve seen it all too often where a team hasn’t maintained their stadium as well as they should have, and it only led to bad things happening. So, this is pretty cool to see.

Dodger Stadium is used for a lot of things beyond Major League Baseball, including hosting collegiate baseball games, Los Angeles Marathon stuff, and other activities. It’s a multi-use facility, so the upkeep is a major priority in order to keep its main use – baseball – operating under great conditions.

With such an older venue, replacing the sod and redoing the infield in order to ensure the best possible setting for baseball is a must. And it’s awesome to see that the Dodgers are doing their part in taking care of what’s theirs.

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