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Dodgers News: Stan Kasten Responds to Don Mattingly’s Comments

A day after hearing manager Don Mattingly rip into the Dodgers, president Stan Kasten backed the embattled manager, citing he understood what he was trying to do. Ken Rosenthal from had the quotes from Kasten:

The report that the organization is behind Mattingly comes days after he was on the firing line, while Dodgers officials denied that initial report. Regardless, the drama in Los Angeles has boiled over to the players as Mattingly ripped into outfielder Andre Ethier and criticized the make-up of the team.

Coming into the season, the Dodgers were supposed to set the baseball world on fire, but they sit at 19-26 and they’re in last place in the NL West. Injuries and a lack of production from the middle of the order have contributed to the slow start, but management and Mattingly aren’t using that as an excuse.

While the Dodgers have won two of their last three series, they still rank second-to-last in runs scored, while getting on-base at a .328 clip. Matt Kemp has two home runs and Ethier has four, while Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez have been the team’s most consistent hitters.

With upcoming series against the Cardinals and Angels, the schedule doesn’t get easier for the struggling Dodgers. It’s been a strange week for Mattingly and the Dodgers, but it sounds like management is behind him 100 percent.

Even though it looked like the end was near for Mattingly in LA, it sounds like the team’s losing won’t cost him his job, yet.


Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12


  1. Remember that part in the Dark Knight Rises when the president says, “We’re in full support of Gotham City” (paraphrasing, obviously) and Commissioner Gordon states that, “We’re on our own.”?

    That’s precisely what I gather from Kasten’s comments. They’re already preparing a white box for Mattingly to put his stuff into, but only behind the backs of a glad-handing, “supportive” president.

  2. If a ball club’s Manager can’t call out the team for a piss poor performance, then what’s the use of having one? We old timer Dodger fans remember the days of Alston and Lasorda, when, if you weren’t playing up to snuff, they’d tell you in very graphic terms that your pile of manure stank and wasn’t worth the salt it took to piss on. Time for the players to man up and play ball, or find themselves another career.

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