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Dodgers News: Stan Kasten Talks Andrew Friedman Extension

Certainly, Andrew Friedman and Stan Kasten are two names that grab attention in Dodgers’ circles. Now, a storyline has emerged that is sure to get folks talking.

While Kasten says that negotiations with Friedman are ongoing and private, that is to be expected. Still – despite the privacy of negotiations – Bill Plunkett of the OC Register reports on the status of Friedman for 2020 and beyond.

Furthermore, it seems that Friedman’s successful tenure as the head man will continue. In fact, Kasten says that it’s a certainty.

When asked directly if he expects Friedman to return in his current position with the Dodgers in 2020, however, Kasten did offer a direct answer.

‘I am completely certain of that. Yes.’

Equally important, this would keep Friedman’s tenure running past five years when he began in 2014 as Dodgers’ president of baseball operations. Moreover, it shows good organizational health and stability when the same regime remains in charge long enough to have their vision take shape.

With that being said, the Dodgers are not seeing some ‘five-year plan’ play out says Kasten. That was never the expectation when Friedman was hired, just as there is no plan moving forward but to continue forging ahead with success.

“Oh, no. We wanted to be good right away. We were going to do as much as we could as fast as we could. Remember – when he came in, we had a really good team and a really good front office, coming off two division wins. We were trying to improve it and those improvements would be put in place as quickly as we could. There was never any 1-year, 2-year, 5-year thinking.”

Indeed, the Dodgers were good right away. And since that point they have been even better. The one missing piece from Friedman’s resume is a World Series victory. Within a few weeks, the team he assembled will have another opportunity to bring that credential to his ledger.

Finally, that team that will try to bring it home for Friedman will likely include 15 homegrown players; 13 of which were drafted by the Friedman regime.

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  1. Friedman remains to be the most important extension signing upcoming they better get it done in a hurry.

  2. Agree. This guy has shied away from trades that looked at the beginning great for us, and ended up with a team with a perennial WS contender full of home grown talent. And the farm is still stacked. We need to stay the course.

    1. Stay the course, sure. But how about winning a WS or three? Don’t want the Dodgers to become the new version of the 1990’s Atlanta Braves. Or baseball’s version of the Buffalo Bills.

      1. Sometimes your best move is the move you dont make. Sometimes the best hand is the one you don’t play.

  3. Keep him because he does a great job keeping the right prospects and avoiding bust signings but he’s gotta stop with the predictable over analytics in the World Series and co managing with Roberts. Cora said they were predictable as can be but it wasn’t just last year, 2017 their over thinking lost them what turned out to be a huge game 2 and making the same mistake with Hill two years in a row lunacy.

    1. Exactly. The greatest armies are doomed unless they have a good plan and can execute that plan. Then, there are the paper tigers. Lots of power, but afraid to use it.

    1. Why? Record attendance, lower payroll, season tickets selling like crazy, $8-billion deal with Time Warner. WS means zero to businessmen. In the business world, the Dodgers have already won the championship. A trophy and ring are secondary. Look for more Latos trades.

      1. YES I’ve been preaching this for years Mike. Glad there’s others that realize this. The players just need to get it done there won’t be any real help from the suits

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