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Dodgers News: Sweepstakes For Cuban IF Alexander Guerrero Wide Open

NewDodgersNation_Store300x300[2]The Dodgers negotiations for Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero have been up-and-down as the latest twist was him signing with super agent Scott Boras.

With his old agents, Guerrero and the Dodgers were closing in on a seven-year contract as they had plans for him to become their everyday second baseman next season. However, according to Jon Heyman of, the Dodgers are still considered favorites, but other teams are now involved:

Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero again is a free agent after apparently coming close to signing a deal with the Dodgers, and it is believed that the Red Sox, Reds, Rangers and Giants are among other teams that may have some interest.

The Dodgers still are viewed as a logical favorite, though it stands to reason Guerrero may seek more than they were discussing in the first go-round.

With their success finding international stars Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu the Dodgers scouting overseas has picked up significantly under the new ownership group. They’ve also reportedly signed a 19-year old Japanese pitcher and have also scouted Japanese sensation Masahiro Tanaka during the same trip.

Boras and the Dodgers have had their history in negotiations, but they recently brokered the deal for Ryu and Manny Ramirez while they  had issues with the contracts of J.D. Drew and Andruw Jones.

As Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano looms in the offseason, the Dodgers seem determined to sign the cheaper and younger alternative in Guerrero.


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