Dodgers News: Team Didn’t Get As Young As You Think

This offseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost Zack Greinke (32), Jimmy Rollins (37), and Howie Kendrick (32). The conventional wisdom is that the team did so in an attempt to not only cut cost, but also to get younger. Except they haven’t gotten that much younger.

The players that have replaced those three – Scott Kazmir (32), Corey Seager (21), and Chase Utley (37) – come out to a combined 90 years old, just 11 years shy of what the trio that left was at.

It didn’t stop there, though.

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From Steve Dilbeck in the Los Angeles Times:

Overall, the Dodgers will actually be a tad older than they were last season. Most of that youth they’ve been clinging to in the minors figures to remain there next season.

As Dilbeck goes on to write, the Dodgers, by the end of April, will only have eight players on the roster who are 28 years old or younger. Compare that with 10 who are over 30 years old.

The youth movement is coming, though. The only thing is that it might not be until late 2016 or in 2017. With prospects like Seager up now, and Julio Urias and Jose De Leon, just to name a few, on the way in short order, the Dodgers will get injected with some much-needed youth very shortly.

As it currently stands, the team is a year older just based on the notion that you have to, well, get older. It’ll be interesting to see how the Dodgers’ veterans hold up through the season, and just how well the younger players – namely Seager, Joc Pederson, Yasmani Grandal, Kike Hernandez, and Yasiel Puig – perform.

While the team is certainly getting older, that’s not a bad thing considering the players being integrated into the fold this season. Just have to wait and see how it plays itself out.

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  1. “The youth movement is Coming wiith seager, urias and de leon just to name a few” !!! Who else is coming? ?? Urias and de leon certainly won’t contribute this year and I don’t see any outfielders, or infielders on the horizon (except seager)

  2. nodrog60 One never knows. As for the outfielders I agree with you. There will be no youth coming through our system, because we have enough on our roster now, old and young to fill a bus.It is hard for a young player to play a 162 game schedule without some type of injury, be it minor or major. So, what are the chances for the aging ones to cruise through that same period?  I say that we just may see our young stud pitchers sooner than later.

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