Dodgers News: Should Team Move On From Crawford?

Everyone has an opinion on what the Los Angeles Dodgers should do when it comes to left fielder Carl Crawford. Some people want to keep him around, some want to trade him if possible, and some think that cutting him could be the right move. Only the front office knows what will happen, but should they move on from him?

That’s a pretty loaded question, but it was one that Mike Trudell and Mychal Thompson discussed today on ESPN radio. It’s something that does need to be discussed, as well. It’s a pretty big deal. Crawford has looked fine this spring, so maybe he sticks around, but should he?

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The following was transcribed from Thompson & Trudell show on ESPN today:

“If [Crawford] struggles to the degree that he struggled last season, in which he hit .265, he had 4 homers in 181 at-bats, his on-base percentage was .304, and his OPS was .707. So, certainly not stats that are worthy of his contract. But, at what point, do you cut losses with a player like that and develop your young players that need at-bats?”

That was from Mike Trudell, who was arguing the point that you have to effectively cut your losses at a certain point because there’s just no good returns out of the investment. The team acquired Crawford in a trade a couple years ago in the gigantic deal with the Boston Red Sox. But he hasn’t helped much.

Mychal Thompson then added this:

“That’s a decision that the Dodgers are going to have to make. It all depends on how much you believe in that young player, if you think he’s ready to take that next jump. If you think he’s ready to take that next jump with his youth and athleticism, yeah you cut ties with the old guy, and say ‘see ya later, we appreciate your time here.’ But you find ways to accommodate him. That’s what I would do.”

There are young players on the roster. A guy like Trayce Thompson needs Major League at-bats, and giving them to Crawford doesn’t really do much considering Crawford isn’t going to replace someone like Andre Ethier unless Ethier himself gets traded. This is just a muddy situation right now.

Eventually, the front office will have to figure something out, and figure something out soon. Whether that means cutting Crawford or trading him and eating salary, no one knows. But a move does seem to be coming. At least you’d think.

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