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Dodgers News: Team Patiently Waiting For Kendrick To Sign Elsewhere

As it currently stands, second baseman Howie Kendrick is a free agent. And that’s something the Los Angeles Dodgers hope changes soon, but not in a way you’d expect.

When the Dodgers traded for Kendrick in December 2014, it was to fill a hole at second base. Now, after a few other trades and acquisitions, it appears that the team is comfortable at that position going forward. So, why are they interested in what happens to Kendrick then? Well, because he has a draft pick attached to him.

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Per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, this is the Dodgers’ viewpoint on Kendrick right now:

The Dodgers want the draft pick they would get if Kendrick signs elsewhere much more than they want to bring back Kendrick. That would give them four draft picks before the start of the second round. But the Kendrick pick evaporates if he does not sign before the draft; Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales held out that long two years ago. Kendrick is not represented by Scott Boras, the agent for Drew and Morales.

The Dodgers don’t want Kendrick back, but they’re heavily invested in keeping an eye on where he goes. The draft pick that is attached to him when he signs elsewhere is obviously why. That extra pick is a hugely big deal.

Getting a fourth first round pick is something that can ignite an already powerful farm system into something of a juggernaut. The Dodgers presently have the 22nd, 31st, and 37th picks. Kendrick signing with a team will give the Dodgers a fourth that they’ll definitely covet.

So, while he is unlikely to return to the Dodgers since they have enough second base options as it is, the Dodgers are assuredly keeping a watchful eye on what transpires with Kendrick’s ongoing free agency. And you should, too.

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  1. Enough 2nd base options? Really? Utley? He hit .212 last year and is a step or two slow. Kike is very probably better used as a sub to rest Turner and his Recovering from Surgery Knee, Seager as there is no SS back up and second base. Not to mention help in the OF if needed. 
    They picked up Micah Johnson but he is very much an unknown and could not hit well enough to stick with the Sox and according to reports is a below average fielder. 
    So what guys do you see on the potential roster that we do not know about? Or do you consider the aforementioned enough 2nd baseman?? 

    I do not understand the this Front Office. Prospects are Prospects. Most of them do not pan out for one reason or another. Kendrick is a very solid offensive threat and an average defender. I would sign him as we have a huge sucking hole there right now…

  2. Tmaxster  They want the draft pick more than they do Howie…of course they are totally delusional if they think Utley can handle more than 2 games a week…

  3. TANK. If the Dodger’s read the Houston Astro’s blueprint ,and tank for a season or two, they get better Draft picks. who knows, maybe somewhere down the line they draft a Shooting Guard, or a Power Forward. Somebody who could shoot from the outside on a consistent basis !

  4. Tmaxster I’m really glad that someone else is fed up with the second base situation.  These fools just can’t wait to trot the completely washed-up Chase Utley out there on opening day, watch him bat about .122 in April and then start combing the waiver wire for more flotsam to put at the position.  Teams that expect to win 90+ games aren’t generally so obsessed with unloading talent for one year rentals in the first place, then watching that player sit around until January with no offers, thus spoiling their draft pick strategy.  Quite frankly, Kendrick isn’t worth surrendering your draft pick for at this stage in his career, and they should have considered that LAST year before making the mindless trade.  I’m hoping that both sides will reach a mutually beneficial one year deal at some point, but expecting this front office to see the light is probably too much to ask for.

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