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Dodgers News: Team Willing To Trade Prospects In Right Deal

[new_royalslider id=”48″] The Los Angeles Dodgers have seen free agents Russell Martin, Andrew Miller and Jon Lester sign with other teams this winter, although their final interest in the three was never determined.

While the Dodgers have enough money to overpay for top free agents, the new front office has been more cautious in their spending thus far. Another way to acquire top talent is by trade, where the Dodgers have been linked to a few possible deals. In some of those potential trades, the front office would have to possibly let go one or more of the team’s top prospects.

According to Eric Stephen of True Blue LA, Farhan Zaidi has not ruled out trading any of the top prospects in a possible deal:

The Dodgers could be looking to bring in another quality starting pitcher, relief pitching, a shortstop and a catcher. In order to fill a need, the team could decide to part ways with prospects such as Joc Pederson, Corey Seager and Julio Urias. One idea out there has been the Dodgers trading for Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies. At the trade deadline, it was said that the Phillies were looking for at least a couple of the team’s main prospects. While the team would rather keep their young talent, Zaidi and Andrew Friedman are looking at everything to improve this team.

While it would hurt to see players leave the team before seeing what they can do, it would be worth it for the front office if a World Series is won.

Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. Please don’t trade Matt Kemp , we will regret it , Ala Mike Piazza,Paul Konerko, Pedro Martinez, Russell Martin..and on an on …

    1. Don’t agree with your assessment. Piazza was year in and year out healthy and an MVP contender. Plus he was the best hitting catcher in the majors.

      Russell Martin was a very smart jettison. He was on the backside of a rapid decline (likely from overuse with the Dodgers) and was an afterthought while playing on the Yankees. It’s only these past 2 seasons with the Pirates when he turned it around.

      Konerko was an unproven prospect, but at 22 years old had a much better future arc in front of him that the Dodgers were giving up.

      Pedro actually showed us flashes of greatness at the age of 21. His upside was huge even then when his control was questionable. Again, like Konerko, the Dodgers gave up the prime years of Pedro.

      Kemp on the other hand is still a sliver of the player he grew to be in 2011. Injuries have taken their toll and he is in his 30s now. This doesn’t really parallel any of the above examples.

      I like Kemp. I would love to see him hit like the player he was in 2011 or the 2nd half of last season for a full year. But, if the price is right (and it’s steep), then I am onboard. We need Pederson to get his shot.

      1. Well I still think we will completely regret it if we trade Kemp for gandall , you know Clayton was also wild just like Pedro Martinez . Konerko was unproven just because of his numbers in Albuquerque.

        1. Grandal is damaged goods and a user…I do not want a user who could pull another Manny on us on my team…to me that is reason enough to dislike the trade…

          1. When was Gagne ever suspended as a Dodger.? answer….never…all his usage came to light after he left the team….before the heavy testing…and to you it might be a game ,, but to me as a fan of this team for over 60 years, it means something……u can pooh pooh it all you like,…..and you have a right to your opinion…so do I……The guy is not worth Matt Kemp/……..not even close…..

          2. As a Dodgers fan for over 30 years (who really cares?) I love the moves as a whole. To judge them individually is an exercise in futility.

          3. We agree to disagree…you love the move and I hate it…….neither one of us is right or wrong…

          4. I don’t love it. I rationalize it and see why it fits into the picture. You hate it because Kemp has name value and no one coming back does.

            But I’m done too.

          5. I hate it because you trade the guy with the most trade value….which I agree with by the way…..but you get little in return, plus you turn him loose in your own division….which to me is a HUGE mistake….trade him to the AL and I have no problem with moving him

      2. He just turned 30. and Martin was let go because he was recuperating from a bad leg injury…..They made a ad decision with Pedro..(Lasorda did not really like him) and Konerko was dealt for a need…BP……But Kemp had just shown what he is capable of when healthy……they got CRAP for Kemp……Pederson is not ready….and will have to win the job in spring and then keep performing…..meanwhile they are stuck with Ethier who is about as useful as an old roll of toilet paper

        1. Kemp is among the worst (if not THE) defensive outfielders in the majors. That is not an unimportant fact in CF. He also has shown us 1.5 years of MVP caliber play in the past 4 years, not to mention that before 2011 he was untapped talent that never quite produced. He is now 30 and traditionally players peak by 27 with their peak period from 26-31. So yes, I think Kemp has a season or two of good hitting left (not MVP level), but he is signed for 5 more seasons.

          The assertion that Pederson is not ready is based on a few games last year at a very young age. The fact is he’s learned and accomplished all that he can in the minors. It’s time for him to play at the highest level and show he deserves it. Don’t kid yourself into thinking he’s competing with Ethier for CF. He’s not. Ethier is a horrible defensive CF as well. I’m thinking they also trade Ethier as he is redundant to needs. Van Slyke is the more than competent platoon LF/4th OF/primary PH on the team.

          Agree, the Pedro trade was flat out bad. That was my comment above and good call on the Konerko trade being for a need. Sad he didn’t get a chance to play for the Dodgers. Piazza trade was stupid, but not signing Martin was the smart thing to do at the time.

          1. Kemp was not the greatest OF on the team no doubt. But if you think Pederson is ready, you are totally wrong…look, he had a great AAA season…and I am not saying he is not ready based on his 38 at bats…what I am saying is that he STRIKES OUT way too much. He is a total sucker for breaking balls…and there is no such thing as a lock on having too much AAA time…all you need to remember is Billy Ashley…He tore up AAA pitching, and never panned out…Joc plays a position that unless he produces power and ribbies, he is useless. Kemp did an ok job in right , was terrible in left, and looked overmatched when he played center..but how many games did his glove actually lose for the Dodgers….I will guarantee you his bat more than mad up for it. And now, you trade him to a division rival where he can come back and haunt you, for peanuts… him…yeah…he had more value than any OF except Puig….but not in your own division and not for as little as they got considering Fed Ex was dealt too….

          2. CF is a premier defensive position. There are many CFs how play based primarily on their defensive capabilities. The corner OF spots are the traditional power positions. A powerful CF is a bonus. I agree he strikes out a lot, but such is the modern game. If he walks at a 10% rate (a skill which he showed even in the big leagues), then I have no doubt he will improve his discipline.

            Kemp was terrible in CF. It’s not about the dropped balls. It’s about the balls an average CF would get to that he didn’t. It’s about the 2B that could have been singles. His bat in the 2nd half was great, but you’d be pulling wool over your eyes if you think he’s going to do that over the next 5 years.

            FedEx is garbage. Grandal is the starter with Ellis being Kershaw’s personal catcher, which is perfect because catchers can’t play every game anyways. That’s part of the reason Martin’s legs were destroyed in LA. He is better than you realize. Then you add the pieces that land us Rollins as a stopgap to Seager and the money back in the coffers to reinvest in other positions.

            It’s not the greatest return, but definitely enough for a once great hitter who is a bad clubhouse guy.

          3. his clubhouse rep comes from the media …not his team mates…….and ya know that being said…..most athletes are cry babys..some do not show is a lousy return…..Grandal is being handed the starters job…….but they could have done a whole lot better….I never said Matt would be great over the next 5 years…but I bet he is better than Grandal all that time……and I do not like users on the team…period…..

          4. If anything, the media is only exposed to a fraction of the reality. The reputation comes from comments made from teammates, both past (Hanley) and present. That you don’t see them on Twitter is a different story.

            Grandal is a MASSIVE upgrade over Ellis. The only area he isn’t better at is throwing out runners. He is also 26 and under club control for 4 more years or so.

            Call it a salary dump if you wish, the fact is the Dodgers won’t be paying for Kemp’s decline. The PED issue is silly since I’m sure there are still plenty of users in the majors and its impossible to really know who is.

  2. But these top prospects could be playing for the Dodgers for several years and be putting them into playoff mode each year. But by trading them away for now may cost them deeply down the line! I am amazed, however, just how long it is taking for these players to be moved up where they will only do better once they are facing major league pitching.

    1. You show me where that is guaranteed…..I have seen a lot of prospects as good or better than Pederson fall off the face of the planet when they see big league pitching….Pederson is a PROSPECT…..not a MLB proven player and there are no guarantee’s he will ever be anything more….do I hope he is successful? as a Dodger fan…yes….but as someone who has heard this song too many times… me first….

      1. You asked to be shown. 4 players come to mind who played AAA ball: Cey, Garvey, Lopes/Wills, and the shortstop who also came up with these 4 players. They even took us to the World Series. The unfortunate thing with minors coming into the majors is that at the minor league level they faced the same pitchers much of the time. They must be exposed to major league pitching and learn first hand. As you might recall, when Koufax was hired, he never did go to the minors. His W-L record was bad, but the Dodgers knew that he just needed time and at the major league level. I have a friend who now plays ball in s. Korea and is doing quite well. When he was called up to the majors with the Giants, he also did well. But, he was not at the plate enough to become part of the bench…until they needed a good right-handed batter. Now, he is tearing them up over there.

        1. You are showing me guys that I know all about, but does that guarantee Pederson will do the same NO.. He still has to win the job….as did Garvey.Cey and . Lopes..Wills is the only guy on that list who was thrown into a pennant race and produced……trust me, I was there to see it. Garvey Lopes and Cey all were veterans when they finally won a world series……they had been to 3 without winning…And Wills was not a highly rated prospect…..he had been in the minors almost 10 years when he got his shot, and it was out of necessity that he was called up….Reese had retired, and Zimmer was hitting below the Mendoza line. Garvey did not even make the team at his original position, nor did Lopes/…..Garvey was a 3rd baseman….Lopes and outfielder, as was Bill Russell who was converted to SS……Koufax was a bonus baby..he had to be kept on the roster for a year……but they thought enough to keep him after that year was up…….still it was 1961 before he even showed flashes of what was to come……..and that was because a backup C named Norm Sherry took him aside before a B game in spring, and told him to just throw to the glove instead of trying to strike everyone out…….the rest is the fact that before spring that year he was almost traded to the Yankees for Elston Howard….fact ,,,not fiction…..I know Dodger history…..I lied a lot of it since they moved here……no guarantees….I hope Joc does well,,,,,but even comparing him to those guys is unfair to him….his history has not been written yet..

        2. Again, Pederson will never get better until he faces major league pitching. We saw him towards the end of the season, and his hitting was practically nonexistent. But he has gotten a taste of what to expect now. To quote somebody: Time will tell!

          1. No one said the kid does not have skills……..but skill is no guarantee of success,.,,,,,,He will get a shot in spring to win the job…but if he does not hit in spring….they are not going to just put him in CF and hope…..that is stupid….

        3. You are using guys who I know the history of…..Garvey , Cey and Lopes were not handed the job….they won the jobs in spring…and Garvey was a 3rd baseman originally.. Lopes was an OF….and so was Bill Russell……of the players you mentioned, only Wills joined the team in the heat of a pennant race and contributed. He came up mid season in 59 and took over SS from Zimmer, who was hitting blow the Mendoza line. He energized the team…I know, I watched it all,. And none of those guys was ever as highly rated as Joc. Koufax was a bonus baby. and he had to stay with the team……it took another 5 years for him to become what he finally was.

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