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Dodgers News: The Latest on Cody Bellinger’s Rib Injury

There was a bit of a surprise out of Dodgers camp yesterday with the revelation that Cody Bellinger had a fractured rib. Prior to the team’s early start against the Reds, Dave Roberts shared that the struggling outfielder had been dealing with the injury after colliding in the outfield with Gavin Lux a few days prior.

A fractured rib is no joke, and it was the last thing that Cody Bellinger needed with his offensive struggles this year. It does seem, however, that it will be something that he can play through to finish off the year. Before Sunday’s series finale with the Reds, Roberts provided a somewhat optimistic update on Bellinger.

He’s feeling better. In talking to him yesterday, he was hoping to be able to be in the starting lineup today. Talked to him this morning and feels like with the off-day tomorrow, it would benefit him more. So we’re going to try and stay away from him but if we need to call on him at some point, we’ll do so.

Holding him out is definitely the right thing to do, as a few days of consecutive rest will go a long way in determining the seriousness of the injury. Even if Cody can play through it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he should.

With just two weeks remaining in the regular season, there is no time for the fracture to fully heal. The best-case scenario here is that a few days off gives Cody an idea of how much pain he can deal with and what his limitations will be.

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After wrapping up their series in Cincinnati, the Dodgers have matchups with the Rockies, Diamondbacks, Padres, and Brewers to close out the regular season.

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  1. Such striking news. Is he on life support? Well, this is one injury reported by the LA club that is legit ‘IL’ stuff. For once.

  2. Gotta be kidding? Delirious Dopey Dave gonna leave it up to Cody as to when he and his .159 BA will be fit to return? Sure, bench Lux now that he’s hitting DD! What a frigg’n moron!

      1. Let’s just say that today’s 8 to 5 win showed Dodgers were totally OK without Bellinger’s defense in CF and his .159 BA. LUX had a great game, including a HR OFF A LHP !!! Roberts now has NO REASON INTHE WORLD to put Bellinger back in starting lineup and if he does he’s more of a dumb a….manager than I thought he was.

    1. We don’t need that automatic out named Bellinger and his Belliduds. He will drag us down and stop any hitting momentum dead. Yet, dumbass Roberts the Clown is going to play him. Just watch. We need to rid ourselves of both of these worthless clowns as soon as possible. Wake up FO.

      1. Seems like a good reason to at least relegate CB to coming off the bench for awhile, & just keep him working on the swing with extra BP & even toss or tee work. Hell, Albert Belle was hitting off the toss his whole career…and it seemed to work extremely well.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great in the real world where we could ALL fail over and over again, then our Bosses would give us a promotion and let us choose what days we wanted to work? DRRRRRRRR’s better take a long hard look at what T=He– he is about to do………This is the Dodgers last chance this season to put the BEST team on the field, NOT his buddies………

  4. Leave Cody as a defensive replacement in the late innings when the Dodgers are winning. Yes, he sucks right now at the plate, but he could save a run or two with his gold glove play in centerfield.

  5. We don’t need that automatic out named Bellinger and his Belliduds. He will drag us down and stop any hitting momentum dead. Yet, dumbass Roberts the Clown is going to play him. Just watch. We need to rid ourselves of both of these worthless clowns as soon as possible. Wake up FO.

  6. Once the post season begins it’s too late to let him try to find his swing.Interested to see if they keep him on the post season roster.

    1. Dodger Boy, there’s no more excuses for him but the FACTS are that this is crunch time with 12 games left to try and win the division or we settle for that one and done WC game. Bellinger cannot be in any starting lineup from here on out if Dodgers want to be successful in October. But we know that stubborn Roberts will continue to play favorites with Bellinger and that just irks me to no end.

      1. Time to start looking for a new manager Paul. I’ve said over and over again that we need someone like Mike Sciosa to take stupid Roberts’ place. And Belli needs to go. When that happens, I will be thinking to myself, “Good riddance.” Belli is an embarassment to watch. He is almost always a guaranteed out.

  7. The issues of bellinger’s struggles & how roberts is still starting him are 2 entirely different issues.
    1) anyone who finds bellinger’s issues @ the plate to somehow be a MORAL FAILING on his part is…how to put this less offensively…deluded. he started the yr coming off surgery to a major joint (& not near enough time strengthening it & working on his swing, like in extended spring training,before instance), & he’s acquired himself 2 fractures & hamstring issues since.
    But roberts needed to make what I thought was an easy decision to send CBto AZ for a good 5 or 6 weeks to do the work & rediscover his swing. He (DR) did not. This is possibly partly CB’s fault, if he lied about whether he was healthy enough to play & produce…but DR is paid to make tough choices. Not STUPID choices like trading or DFA–you don’t DFA a guy 2 yrs off MVP & just a few months off shoulderbsugery–that is just dumb, IMO. But send him for rehab work? He’ll yes, because I believe if DR HAD done that, we’d have CB back & resembling his old self a bit, & not having had most of the other injuries. And who knows? it may have picked them up a couple wins.

    1. So what your saying is Bellinger is injured and sucks because of it, Dave roberts is a homer and plays favorites and sucks, and they both have work to do to re-hab themselves, because between the 2 of them, the Dodgers team has suffered many uncalled for losses….. Because the truth is the truth ……..And that has been the true story of this season….. “””””SO FAR”””””””””””””” Go Dodgers!!!!!

  8. Someone please just council DRRRRRRRRR, tell him it’s gonna be OK if he benches Cody….Sometimes decisions are tough to make……So Dave just needs to have a good cry and buck up little camper…..The team will be OK without Bellinger, already is…..

  9. We can only hope that someone in FO reads what is said here, what we all know and DR ignores. If this is coming from FO, I’d be surprised and sad; I think (hope), given player development and trades that they’re smarter than that

    1. OMG! the FO turns to this page for laughs! You guys comments are unbelievable really – every single comment bashing doc and belli. it’s like you don’t have an original thought, and still nursing the wounds when you got benched in Little League. You’ll be like this thru the Dodgers winning their 2nd World Series Championship, and what did all of your negativity get you? You all missed out on one of the best Dodger teams in history!

  10. Uh the expected recovery time for the shoulder injury is 8/10 weeks, not 8/10 month. That old excuse is getting very OLD and now they are dragging out a new injury/excuse , a fractured rib?
    Get serious. Anyone ever had a fractured rib and tried to play baseball?

    1. yes sir, fractured rib you can’t breathe. Can’t run, it’s hard to sleep. Any sudden movement and you’ll be on your knees. As violently as CB swings, he’d be fainting in pain …….

    2. Yes, I suspect some have. And I would bet Pistol Pete Reiser was one of them, back in the day for the Brooklyns! Pistol surely would have wanted to play. Leo Durocher might have let him too.

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