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Dodgers News: The Wild Trade Week, Waiting on Trea Turner’s Debut, Seager’s Shortstop Problem, and More!

What a week it was to be a Dodgers fan. And if you’re also a Lakers fan, you’re probably just now starting to breathe with everything that went down between the 2 franchises making deals. With that, we’ve got to recap everything that went down for your favorite baseball team at the deadline. 

The biggest news was obviously a blockbuster deal that landed Max Scherzer and Trea Turner in Los Angeles. And while we did lose a couple of big-name prospects, I don’t think that any Dodgers fan is going to be upset with the massive return.  

Dodgers and Nationals Officially Agree to MASSIVE Deal For Max Scherzer and Trea Turner

But speaking of that trade, fans will have to wait to see Trea Turner in a Dodger uniform. The All-Star shortstop is currently in COVID protocols having tested positive the week before being traded. But Dave Roberts is hopeful that Turner can rejoin the team this weekend for the series against the Angels.

Dodgers: Trea Turner’s Dodger Debut Will Have to Wait

While that trade was huge, one trade the Dodgers made sort of flew under the radar. Landing Danny Duffy essentially for free right now was HUGE for Los Angeles, and he will likely become a big piece in the bullpen down the stretch. 

Dodgers Finalizing a Trade for Royals’ LHP Danny Duffy

Fans were also caught off guard when reports surfaced that other teams were looking at Brusdar Graterol in the trade market. There was no indication that LA was looking to ship him out, but the reports suggested that playoff teams wanted him for their bullpen. 

Dodgers Rumors: Other Teams Interested in RHP Brusdar Graterol

And finally, the Dodgers are going to have to figure out what to do at shortstop with Corey Seager and Trea Turner. Both guys play there naturally, but Corey really doesn’t have another position that he has played consistently. Seager also said that he wants to play shortstop, whatever that is worth to you. 

Dodgers: Corey Seager, ‘I Want to Play Shortstop’, Talks About Frustrating Injury

All of that news and more over at Dodgers Nation! Stick with us all season long as your favorite Los Angeles baseball team looks to repeat as World Series Champions in 2021. The latest news, rumors, transactions, player interviews, and so much more! 

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  1. Anyone else see a ‘cause and effect’ between the Dodgers scoring 13 runs and Bellinger being on the bench?

    1. Totally agree Tim, if the team is going keep him at this level he’s going have get head in the game offensively. Walk, bunt, hit to left field, & really zero in on pitches he can handle ( discipline ) Whatever helps the team especially making his kind of money ( 14-16 million? ) ! A lot of expectations hopefully he hasn’t peaked & he can turn it around.

      1. Why none of these lefty hitters staring at the shift on the right side don’t bunt toward third with no one within 70 feet. Bellinger especially hitting .40 below the Mendoza line

  2. I think the world for Cody Bellinger, he’s an elite fielder but he has to fix his swing!!! Get his basics down, missing TOO MANY FASTBALLS, he use to crush them. Sit down with hitting coaches he trusts. Practice against live arms, someone (young pitchers they just brought up) and practice, practice his swing! Cody i know your FRUSTRATED but we need you to hit! I know you have it in you. Lets Go Belli!!!

  3. Only problem with that logical thinking is our illogical manager. Guaranteed he’s back in the lineup tomorrow night against the righty. Roberts and the FO making it possible for him to continue to suck it up.

  4. Ballinger Needs to stop “swinging for the fences.” Otherwise the Dodgers Need to move-on from him. The same with Seager, If he and his agent Boras ask for The moon, Later. Trea Turner is a SS, can play 2nd and CF!

  5. we all agree on our frustrations with Belli — not changing his approach and not hitting. we all see he needs to beat the shift by hitting grounders to the left side, especially down the 3B line (he doesnt need to bunt, just slap the ball). but his biggest problem is he keeps lowering his hands before swinging, so he can’t possibly hit a high fastball — which they keep K’ing him on. but if Belli won’t adjust, then he has to sit.

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