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Dodgers News: Too Much About Walker Buehler’s Ongoing Blister Issue

After lasting only recording 8 outs on Tuesday night, Dodgers righty Walker Buehler was a center of attention during the postgame media availability with Dave Roberts and Walker himself. The focus? …this:

Buehler hit the injured list last month after a blister issue popped up on the 25-year-old hurler. Now, two starts off the IL, that blister is still apparently an issue, even if Walker says otherwise.

In all fairness, Walker’s not wrong. In his last start — where the blister was still something of an issue — the ace tossed 5 scoreless innings. On Tuesday night, he couldn’t get out of the third, thanks in part to bad luck, but mostly due to struggles with location, something Walker admitted in his postgame interview.

Walker Buehler and Dave Roberts Discuss More Blister Than You Need to Know About

Dave Roberts added that he expects Buehler will be making his next start as scheduled, which would be on Sunday against the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium. Of course, that is subject to change based on how Walker feels as well as the training staff.

What’s Next

The Dodgers continue their series against the Diamondbacks with LHP Clayton Kershaw (6-1, 1.50) facing RHP Taylor Clarke (1-0, 2.96) at 6:40 PM PT.

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  1. If Buehler continues to have issues with the blister will Roberts have the intestinal fortitude to go with his three best pitchers Kershaw, May & Gonsolin, or possibly Urias if he gets his control issues solved?
    Or if Buehler is fighting it does he go with Buehler anyway or use Wood as he has experience?
    They should lead with the three that are hot at the time of the playoffs. Its a 3 game and then a 5 game series you must use your hottest pitchers and players.
    The problem is Roberts is a Buddy Manager not a winning manager in the playoffs so he will go with the easy decision instead of a hard one that might upset someone. And the Dodgers with go another year without winning a WS.

  2. Buehler is bringing more heat than he ever has. Control is the bigger issue. It seems like the Dodgers should be experts on dealing with blisters since Rich Hill had chronic blister problems when he first came to the Dodgers and then they just disappeared after his first full year.

    Jansen is a bigger problem. He almost blew a 4 run lead. His cutter and 4 seamer continue to trickle in at about 90 mph, without much movement. I know that his numbers looked good prior to this game, but in the postseason your closer needs to be able to blow people away. I just don’t see Jansen doing that anymore.

    1. Couldn’t agree more about Jansen. Few years ago he was lights out with his 95 mph cutter. Now he barely hits 90 mph and has little movement at that velocity. Batters just sit back and wait for that pitch and just launch it. Only a 3 run lead is safe with Jansen nowadays. Time to move on from his big ego and get a new closer. If Roberts continues to use this guy, there will be no chance advancing in the playoffs.

  3. (1) Shut down Walker “Stellar” Buehler (21) until the play offs.
    (2) Kenley “Unpredictable” Jansen (74) Remove him as closer and replaced him with Brusdar “Bazook” Graterol (48). If the LA Dodgers are serious of winning it all in 2020.

  4. I feel the same as these other guys. Blister problem? What did they do with Hill? If there is a certain throw that causes this blister stay off of it, throw what ever else you have. Announcers kept saying looks like janes is ready, evidently, he wasn’t. Do they practice all the different pitches in the bullpen? If not maybe they should. To me, it seemed like he was throwing a lot of fastballs and they were timing him. maybe they should try a couple of long relievers before Jansen.

  5. Nolan Ryan, I think? had blisters I heard ,crazy as it seems soaked his finger in Pickle Brine he said it stiffened his skin….???? Hope Buehler can overcome and get a solution. As far as Jansen goes , He lost it years ago and gets worse every outing , the players must think as before , here we go again, blown save after comeback in game , players always down in mind when he comes in ,you can almost feel ,what they feel just watching. DAVE ROBERTS needs to quit being his good friend, saying ,How hard Jansen works, all the players do ,if JANSEN feels he is alright , he is in denial, short season get a closer with something on it to deliver to the plate , these guys will continue to take him to the seats ,90 mile fast ball is nothing today if you don’t have any other pitches to back it up.

  6. Kershaw better still have it in October because this blister issue is serious and at the worst time. As it stands right now just Kershaw May and Gonsolin inspire confidence come October

  7. Problem is obvious. Closer situation with 3 opposing batters coming up who hit right handers in general and Jansen in particular. Guess who gets called in? I can feel the announcers biting their tongues to avoid voicing their opinions as to the bullpen choice. Don’t expect a world series win until changes are made.

  8. The Dodger’s Achilles as I see it is their starting pitching, especially Bueher (for the reasons cited above, and Urias who continues to throw too many pitches, too many gopher balls). As the playoffs approach, May, Gonsolin, and Kersh will really need to step up. Frankly, May has not exactly been sharp, and Kersh has had back issues. Gonsolin may be the best of the lot and he lacks experience. Its going to be an interesting September. Go Blue!!!

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