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Dodgers News: Top Pitching Prospect Josiah Gray To Make MLB Debut Tuesday

The Dodgers appear to be getting some much-needed help in their starting rotation. With so many guys down for various reasons, the club did not have to turn to the trade market to fill a hole let in their rotation. 

At least not yet.

First, the Dodgers are calling up top pitching prospect Josiah Gray to make his big league debut. Gray will be making his MLB debut at age 23 after spending a few years in the team’s system. He originally came over to Los Angeles is the big deal with the Reds that sent Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig among others to Cincinnati. 

Gray has been out for a decent chunk of the season after the Dodgers shut him down with shoulder soreness. But an injury to Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Bauer’s legal battle forced them to go to Gray probably earlier than they should. 

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Through 4 appearances at the Triple-A level in 2021, Gray has struck out 22 batters and walked just 2. He allowed 5 earned runs in 15.2 innings and kept his WHIP way down below 1. The shoulder issue limited him greatly to start the year, but he was effective when in. 

Given his recent injury history and lack of innings in 2021, the Dodgers would likely not have Gray throwing very much on Tuesday night. Keeping him right around 60 pitches is likely what they’re aiming for, which would be an extended opener for them.  

Dave Roberts said on Monday night that Gray would be coming in after an opener. The Dodgers are going to use a left handed pitcher to start the game against San Francisco.

Welcome to the show, Jojo! 

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  1. I hardly believe that Gray’s presence on the club’s roster has solved their shortage of starters. The start of spring training had much promise with all those arms and a deep rotation. Now at about the half-way point, the Dodgers are a long ways from having a solid rotation from the #3 starter on down. Then there’s the bull pen’s recent shakiness in the late innings.

    The Giants aren’t going to collapse anytime soon. The Dodgers aren’t going to be able to field a club absent at least one more starter. The lineup also can’t keep waiting for Bellinger to starting getting a hit now and then. When will Roberts either bench him or move him down to the #8 or (depending on if Urias is pitching) #9 spot?

    1. 1955 you must be my age! I agree 100% with you. Shaky staff,poor defense,no clutch hitting,and a former mvp hitting 158 could mean a 3rd place finish. Padres and Giants hold the upper hand now.

      1. I agree with you both here. If Dodgers can’t address the starting and relief pitching situation forget about a PS run. Offense once again was inept against the better pitching and all these BP games that Roberts loves are now showing the wear and tear on the BP like we all knew they would. And Roberts is as clueless a manager as there ever is in MLB.

  2. Totally agree with all the comments here, as long time fan for me this year has been so disappointing. The team is not going anywhere with this current roster, just not enough ! Yes Dodger 1955, unfortunately I also see a third place finish also. Where is this team that won it all last year ?

    1. Charlie, that team last year did not have anywhere near the magnitude of injuries and IL stints as this year. Dodgers had the DH which was used beneficially and Roberts didn’t have to make some of these decisions last year so there was less chances of blowing games. And last year, Dodgers had more of a set lineup in batters 1 thru 6. Bellinger batted 6th most of the time as well.

  3. Different year for sure. Jensen is not the same as he was the WS year!!!! We have great pitchers coming back from TJ surgery which will work next year. Jensen is just another pitcher in the Bullpen and should be used that way. Cody is not the same player he was last year and will not listen to anyone on hitting. No change as I see it from game to game. That is painful what he is doing!!!! Have a Dr. check his earing’ There should be something on the other side where the info is going to stay in and not falling out the other side!!! Mooty is another player that came to sp=ring train not ready for 162 gamess and is playing like it. Trever Bauer was not ready for the year with the Dodgers. Teams play the good team different and it sure showed on him. He fell apart. They are playing differnt this year as they play making errors which they didn’t do in the WS year. They never beat themselves. Just afew things I see to add to other people see. Love my Dodgers but not this year. It really hurts to see them play this way. Is it going to be wait until next year for us!!!!! Coach Charlie

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