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Dodgers News: Top Prospect Joc Pederson Weighs In On Current Outfield Situation

[new_royalslider id=”131″] What most may think might be a good situation to have may turn into a bad one here shortly. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfield situation to most seems like it is a good problem to have. You have four outfielders, three of which have been All-Stars in the past and one that’s destined to be an All-Star, fighting for three positions.

Seems like a win-win for manager Don Mattingly. However, that may not be the scenario for long.

Down in triple-A, Dodgers’ top prospect Joc Perderson, who fans have been hearing about for a couple years now, is tearing through Minor League pitching and making a strong push to force Dodgers’ management to give him a serious look at possibly being called up sooner rather than later.

This year, playing for the Albuquerque Isotopes, Pederson is hitting .346 with 15 home runs, 32 RBI’s and 13 stolen bases. In Albert Chen’s Sports Illustrated Article, Pederson spoke about his opinion of the current outfield situation in LA and him playing the waiting game:

“It’s a strange situation. For Andre and CC to be splitting time, I feel bad for them. I want them all to do the best they can. I want to be on a winning team, playing in the playoffs. But of course, I also want to be there.”

Without a doubt, Dodger fans will be seeing Pederson when rosters expand to 40 towards the end of the season. But for right now, Pederson and fans will have to continue to be patient until his time comes, unless a trade is made:

“Realistically, the way I see it, something has to happen where they have to make a move,” he said. “They might have to make a deal. I know they have some problems with their infielders, who knows what they need. But they might make a deal.”

Pederson’s logic about a possible trade isn’t too far fetched. The Dodgers do need to address their infield situation, third base in particular. Therefore, possibly moving one or two of the current outfielders — likely Crawford or Eithier, for a third baseman and to make room for Pederson is not an unrealistic possibility.

While Pederson and the Dodgers may both benefit from moving an outfielder, general manger Ned Colletti was reluctant to do so last season, which paid off as injuries ravished the outfield and his comments a mere 10 days ago wouldn’t lend to the belief a trade is imminent.

Whatever the case may be for Pederson, it is only a matter of time before he sees the big leagues. His upside is too high to keep him trapped in the minors. Putting him alongside Yasiel Puig would give the Dodgers a young and extremely talented outfield tandem moving forward in the future.
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  1. Possibly a trade of Andre Ethier for third baseman Chase Headley, who is having a down year, which may make the Padres interested in the deal?

  2. I disagree about 3b being a position of need. Uribe is an excellent defender, and has carried a big bat this year as well. I know he has the hamstring, but he should be back unless it’s worse than we all know. The positions of need are the middle spots, especially SS. Hanley, if resigned should move to 3b in time. 2b is a spot of need as well. Dee Gordon got off to a hot start, but he is really cooling off, and he’s a terrible defender. Combine Dee and Hanleys defense up the middle, plus Kemp in CF and you have the worst middle defense in baseball.

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