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Dodgers News: Trea Turner Breaks Silence on Social Media Following NLDS Upset

Tuesday was a big day for Dodgers players named Turner posting on Instagram for the first time since L.A.’s shocking loss to the Padres in the NLDS. First it was Justin Turner apologizing and thanking the fans on Tuesday morning. Later in the day, Trea Turner got in on the action.

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Trea’s message was quite a bit shorter than JT’s, but there’s probably more to read into it simply because we know Trea is heading into free agency and we don’t know the status of Justin’s contract for next year. When a player like Trea might be leaving, the temptation is to parse every word and look for meaning.

Realistically, Trea probably doesn’t have much more idea whether he’s coming back to L.A. next year than we do right now. Free agency doesn’t actually start until after the World Series, so Trea hasn’t yet received any offers or gotten any official word of which teams are interested in him. There’s a chance he’s already decided to move on, but it’s more likely that he doesn’t know what the future holds for him.

So there’s not much to parse other than the short, simple “thank you” to Dodger fans. He didn’t apologize like JT did, which is fine — JT probably didn’t need to apologize, but it’s okay that he did. Trea simply acknowledged the rough ending to the season and thanked Dodger fans for showing up every night.

Dodger fans get a bad rap, but all players want is fans who passionately love their team, and we provide that passion and love for our Boys in Blue every single day.

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  1. Turner acknowledging the fan base is only proper. No fan base packs them in like the Dodgers regardless of opponent and travels as well. They deserve better than Dave Roberts and his robotic management. The loss was predictable as this team constantly leaves men in scoring position and loses close games mostly due to Roberts’ ineptitude. One WS title with this group is an unmitigated failure. Great fans, great players, bad manager.

    1. You hit every nail on the head sir. From one die hard fan to another. Any bandwagon or sycophant fans who sit in the expensive seats for only playoff games who come to Dave Roberts’s defense and rant about his record only see the number of wins. My argument to them is this die hard fan who bled blue during the 90s and McCourt/Fox years would take quality over quantity every time. That’s like saying he’s a great driver because he goes fast as he sits behind the wheels of a Lamborghini. Let me be brutally honest and admit that the only reason we have a championship under his helm is because the Ray’s had a bigger idiot of a manager than we did when he pulled Snell from that game! I hope Friedman can finally see the light but I truly feel like it will take another mind blowing loss to open his eyes.

  2. Dodgers had NO in-game adjustments. The opponents know this coming into the playoffs. My question is why aren’t they adjusting and what’s up the Dodgers scouting reports…massive fail.

  3. Let this rubber gloved, disappearing act go play somewhere else. This season would be like a marathoner going 24 miles in the lead then walking to the finish from there.

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