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Dodgers News: Tyler Anderson Agrees To 3-Year Deal With Angels

A nightmare start to the off-season as Tyler Anderson, who was given a qualifying offer from the Dodgers, has decided to accept a multi-year deal with the Angels. Anderson joins a promising Angels unit looking to turn the franchise around while the Dodgers now have a new hole to fill.

With Anderson gone, the pursuit for a new pitcher continues with Justin Verlander being a possible candidate. Anderson was one of the few bright spots in the pitching unit all season long for the Dodgers and seemed to have some serious momentum during the final game of the postseason.

Anderson turned down the one-year qualifying offer from the Dodgers that would have earned him $19.65 million but instead agrees to a three-year contract worth around $39 million. The Angels lose a second round pick while the Dodgers gain a fourth round pick in the process.

The Angels finished the regular season with a -45 run differential. Bringing in Anderson should boost the pitching unit as Anderson finished the season with a 10th best 2.57 ERA and eighth best record of 15-5.

How will the Dodgers look to replace Anderson’s impact?

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  1. Anderson could have earned more than $39 million over 3 years with the Dodgers. Letting him get away without a multi-year deal is a FO disaster!

  2. Nice payday for Tyler. But this will probably end up another free agent signing that blows up in the Angels’ faces.

  3. Are you kidding me. He was the best picture the Dodgers had at the playoffs. You cannot blame him going for more money and I think he was probably upset about being taken out of the game.

    1. I was going to mention that about being upset with Roberts removing him after5 innings in game 4 of the NLDS. He was in complete control up to that point but still find it hard to believe Dodgers now have let him get away to the Angels. But money talks and not sure Dodgers would have offered that 3 year $39 million he got from Angels..

    2. Upset, yes. Was mishandled more than once during season too. You can see it wasn’t the money but the decisions from Roberts.

  4. That was a bad miss by the Dodgers. Did they make a counter to Anderson? Forget the overpriced 2 year geezers, load up and go Rodon.

  5. I think he undersold himself by at least 10M, and went from the best to one of the worst organizations in baseball. But anyway, he sure had a great year from beginning to end, and it didn’t look like a fluke, he seemed to have quite a mastery of pitching plus excellent durability.

    1. Chances are that Anderson will be home when October rolls around and may not see a PS appearance during his time with Angels.

    2. He won’t have the run support with the Angels that he had with the Dodgers, nor the defense. I’d be very surprised if he is able to repeat this years performance.

  6. Forget Verlander; he is 40 years old. Go with the rookies and young blood and give them a shot!

  7. Has all the earmarks of a front office screw-up. He should have gotten that same offer from us! That was a horse’s butt move pulling him in game 4 but I find it hard to believe that was the real reason for him leaving. Everyone wanted him back!
    I could see us going after Rondon and the Japanese free agent, or a trade for Burns…No on Verlander please!!! Starting to question Gomes as someone to delegate contract negotiations to. Come on, we can do better than this! We are now negotiating from a position of need; that ain’t a blueprint for success.

  8. There is something disconcerting about this deal. Leaving 1-yr. @ 19.25M for a 3-yr @ 30M? How much is guaranteed? Any buyouts? He must have felt to not bet on himself . If he had another decent yr., he could have maybe work an extension with more money. It looks strange to make the decision so quickly, unless Tyler felt slighted and being taken advantage of. He gave them 15 wins as a starter, then was rumored to the bullpen in the postseason, but started the 4th game, pitched 5 strong innings and taken out because of their sabermetrics, which he said he could’ve gone longer. I have never heard Tyler throw management under the bus. It also seems Tyler was never happy with his time as a Dodger. In his interviews he’s so stoic and never smiles. Funny after the Dodgers took a chance on him and he learned a new pitch from the staff, and now he took the first offer available to split as soon as possible.

    1. Sorry got the numbers wrong. 19.65M for 1-yr. and 39M for 3yr. Still I think he cut himself short. Btw just check out Kodai Senga, and no Verlander (overpriced, high mileage, and worst postseason stats than Kershaw).

  9. Obviously, the Dodgers have some very good young promising pitchers on the forty man roster. They probably could have a good pitching staff using them now. However, as I see the situation, even though the talent is available, I question the ability of the “decision makers” to use them for the utmost good of the team. For several years now, the Dodgers have shown that handling the pitching staff is not their strong point. One good thing is that they will be adding at least one more good pitcher, probably more, this off season. That does not change the fact that the pitching staff has to be used more efficiently.

  10. He left because of Fraudberts. If he was fired, I guarantee you that he would’ve been back.

  11. alls i know is we’ve lost BOTH turners, now this quality pitcher, hope to lose Bellinger…..hope when the market opens we are plenty agresssive!!!

  12. After time to think this over, we shouldn’t fret too much about this lost. Tyler has been on 1-yr. contracts with several teams and he was probably looking for more security. The Dodgers probably saw his velocity was regressing making his change up less effective for a multi-yr. contract, but would be good for a qualifying one yr. MLB hitters are very adept to look for the change up, if that is his out pitch. The Dodgers already have two lefties as starters, and maybe looking to get a quality RH starter to sandwich between them. Could be all the best for both sides…who knows.

    1. BTW, the DODGERS also gain a draft pick and international signing money from the Angels.

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