Dodgers News: Urias Makes MLB Trade Value List

Annually, Sports Illustrated does their MLB Trade Value list where they rank the Top 50 players in the game based on their potential and perceived trade value going into the new season. Well, one player on the Los Angeles Dodgers made the list. But it’s not one that you would think of right away.

Left-hander Julio Urias, who has yet to pitch in Major League Baseball yet, checked in at 43rd on the list. Now, that’s pretty high for someone who hasn’t played, but it is understandable when you start to get down to the details about why he was placed on the list at all, let alone that high.

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From Jonah Keri at Sports Illustrated dot com:

At just 19 years old, Urias is the youngest pitcher in this group—and someone the Dodgers have deemed untouchable over years of trade talks. He also made it all the way to Triple A by season’s end, a fast and impressive pace for someone that young. The Dodgers made multiple moves to shore up their rotation this winter, and Urias can benefit from more seasoning down on the farm. But a Kershaw-Urias combo atop the rotation is a real possibility in the near future.

That “real possibility”, as Keri puts it, is enough to make Dodgers fans salivate at the thought of it happening sooner rather than later. A young lefty top prospect to pair with an all-time great left-hander? Yes, please. Sign us all up for that right now. Hopefully Urias can reach that level.

Yaisel Puig, who was 10th on the list last season, is completely off of the list this year. Joc Pederson was among the players who just missed the cut. However, going forward, it’s hard to envision a world where all three players aren’t on this list together. They’re all that talented and good.

This was just the list of players from 50-40. The list of players from 39-21 will be out tomorrow.

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