Dodgers News: Walker Buehler Arbitration Update, Multi-year Contract in the Works?

Today we’re digging into the potentially tricky contract status of Los Angeles Dodgers ace pitcher Walker Buehler. The All-Star right-hander filed for arbitration at $4.15 million, and the Dodgers countered at $3.3 million according to MLB insider Mark Feinsand. We assess Butane’s value and wonder if it makes sense for both sides to work out a multi-year contract before the start of the season.

Plus, just how dominant of a postseason pitcher is Walker Buehler and did the Dodgers engage in service time manipulation in 2018?

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Listening to Doug is exhausting. He never seems to come up for air and repeats himself continually. He is very knowledgeable but the delivery is something that I find hard to listen to.

  2. I hope there’s an extension in the works. Pay the player FOR his prime years, not because/after them. Same goes for Urias, Bellinger and hopefully Seager. I hope Friedman isn’t gambling on signing Seager after he hits free agency. He will have numerous suitors with offers, especially if he has a year like 2020.

    I’d love to move Price, but don’t know if anyone would take THAT contract. Might be better to give him a $6 signing bonus this year on a new $64 mil 10-year deal. That would take him well into his retirement years…

    1. There is no way Buehler would ever sign a 10 year $64m contract, even if you meant a signing bonus of $6m not just $6. To even suggest it is crack-smoking at its finest. Maybe 3 or 4 year deal for $64m, but seriously, not that cash for 10 years. Buehler and his agent aren’t that stupid.

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