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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Continues to Thrive With OKC Dodgers

Ever since the Dodgers sent Yasiel Puig down to the OKC Dodgers, he has been doing nothing but thriving… and partying. In all seriousness, Puig has been putting up amazing numbers during his time in triple-A, and has done so since his very first game with the new club.

In his debut with OKC, the right fielder collected 3 RBIs off of a double and a single. In his home debut with OKC, Puig fell a double short of hitting for the cycle, collecting 4 RBIs that time!

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Well, Yasiel Puig’s triple-A success continued on Tuesday when he went 3-for-4 with 2 RBIs! Puig crushed a 2-run home run in the 8th, putting up the only 2 runs of the game for OKC.

Yasiel Puig’s success is likely due to a mix of these three reasons:

  1. Triple-A pitching is not as difficult to hit as major league pitching.
  2. He is really trying hard to work on his mechanics to improve his craft.
  3. His talent was never really gone and his time with OKC is simply boosting his confidence.

Puig’s .481 average is nothing short of amazing, regardless of the league he is playing for. To go 13 for 27 shows that the wild horse is still alive and eager to find his way back to the majors. If Yasiel Puig continues to absolutely tear up triple-A, it will be difficult for the front office to deny the impact he could bring to the team. On Tuesday the Dodgers officially took first place from the Giants, but with 44 games left in the season, the fight is far from over. If Yasiel Puig can be the threat in the lineup that he once was, there is no reason he should not be in Los Angeles helping bring home a championship.

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  1. They keep saying how his production was declining and then there was little Kenny Rosenthal’s character assassination, but Puig was already on a hot streak during his last month in LA. They never mention this in stories and the fact that he is tearing it up with Oklahoma is not widely known. Andrew Friedman has really cut his nose off to spite his face. They claim that Reddick is batting .270 in the stats, but he is closer to .100 in his time with the Doyers.

  2. There’s one thing that seems to be forgotten in all the talk about how well Puig does in AAA. When he comes back from AAA he’s on fire, but within a week or two the fire been put out again. Add in the fact that he’s not the team player that he said he was going to be at the beginning of the season and I can see why the team is hesitant to bring him back up. Can Puig guarantee that his attitude and performance adjustment will stick through October and into November? In this case I think you can look at past performance to predict future returns, or at least have a good idea of what could come before September’s even half over..

  3. Whatever happens if he ever comes back it’s a good bet he will not be batting .110 like that super team player Reddick who replaced him. Why does everybody ignore the fact that Puig was batting over .300 during his last month or so with the Doyers.

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