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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Could Be Fined for His Custom Cleats

Yasiel Puig is known for many things amongst peers and fans. He is known for his cannon of an arm that throws at runners with ease. He is known for his speed that is capable of stretching an average single into a double. Of course, Puig is also known for his bat that remains a threat in the lineup even when he is slumping. Well, we can add fashion sense to the list of qualities Yasiel Puig is known for!

Puig made headlines when he wore these custom cleats that honored the great Vin Scully with the words “WIN FOR VIN”. Check them out below!

Well the MLB loved to show them off for fans to get the clicks, but behind closed doors they let Puig know that the cleats violated uniform rules. Not only that, but if he were to do something like that again, he would receive a $5,000 fine! Well, that may not stop Yasiel because he has already prepared his custom Statue of Liberty cleats for the series in New York!

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Yasiel Puig has missed 6 consecutive starts due to tightness in his right hamstring, though Roberts made it clear that he will be available to pinch hit in Wednesday’s game. The fact that Roberts is giving him the green light to pinch hit shows that Puig is improving and will hopefully not have to go back on the disabled list. Yasiel Puig’s bat, arm, and speed is missed no doubt, but his personality and ability to have fun with the game is missed even more! Here’s hoping we get to see some statue of liberty cleats come September in New York!

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