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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Is Buying A Helicopter

A couple of weeks ago, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig went on a helicopter ride that he seemed to really enjoy. Because of that, or because he just really wants one, Puig is now in the market to buy a helicopter. Yes, you read that write. He wants to buy a helicopter.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a helicopter. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers uses one, and it’s the main way that he keeps his sanity throughout the season as the helicopter flies him to within a couple blocks of the STAPLES Center. This makes us wonder, though. Will Puig’s ‘copter land him on the Dodger Stadium grass?

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From TMZ Sports:

Puig has been posting hints all over social media he might be buying a chopper … so when we had his friend and personal vehicle customizer, Alex Vega, on TMZ Sports we had to know … Alex said not only is Puig buying the heli … but once it’s done Vega and the guys down at the Auto Firm in Miami are going to do a once over on it … making it into the most pimped out bird in the sky.

So, apparently Puig isn’t just going to be buying the helicopter. He’s also going to have it “pimped out” so that he can ride to the game in style every single day. Buying your own helicopter is a huge deal and costs a pretty penny, so hopefully Puig is smart about it.

Puig, reportedly, is going to buy a Robinson R44, which will set him back about $340,000. One thing is for certain now, though, and that’s that Puig has no excuse to be late for a game or practice ever again once he purchases the helicopter. He better show up on time. Hell, even early. Show up early, Yasiel!

[Editor’s Note: This is being reported by TMZ and we know how well that went last time they reported anything about Puig. Still, this is a pretty fun story if it is true.] Dodgers News: Maddux Hopes To Help Pitchers


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