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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Loses Final Vote To Braves’ Freddie Freeman

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig lost the MLB Final Vote to Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman after entering the day in second place and trailing him for the entire time.

Players, managers and media personnel all debated whether or not he should be in the game as he’s only played in 35 games and it turns out Puig won’t be at Citi Field.

Major league baseball announced Freeman made the All-Star game shortly after 1 pm PST:

Clayton Kershaw will be the Dodgers only representative in New York, but the break should be good for Puig to finally get some rest. The way he plays and carries himself has drawn the ire of some, but Dodger fans know he’s hustling as hard as he can to get a win.

The Dodgers are 15-3 in their last 18 games and Puig’s infusion into the team has done wonders for Hanley Ramirez and Adrian Gonzalez has continued to be their most consistent hitter all season.


Ross Gasmer

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