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Dodgers News: Zaidi Looks Back on Gordon Trade

The Dee Gordon trade is probably one of the more polarizing issues with fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers. On the surface, it’s easy to break it down to the Dodgers sending Gordon – a second baseman with upside – for Howie Kendrick – once seen as a second baseman with tremendous upside.

Kendrick is now a free agent and Dee Gordon just led the NL in batting average, steals and hits – all in a season where he won the Gold Glove.

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It’s safe to say the Dodgers didn’t anticipate all that production a season after they moved him. Here’s GM Farhan Zaidi speaking with Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times.

“I would say he exceeded our expectations,” Zaidi said. “I think he exceeded everybody’s expectations. That’s a testament to him and his work ethic and his ability to improve. There were definitely people in our organization that felt like he had shown that ability to improve.”

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  1. What do you mean by “able to move Dan Haren’s contract?” They moved Dan Haren, and paid 100% of his $10M contract. How exactly did this give them more financial flexibility?

  2. These Guys are Geeks with a purpose, That is to save the team money, Not necessarily win the WS, Just Keep 3Million + coming through the turnstiles… Not Solve The Stale Odor of The hundreds of thousands fans not able to hear the Final games with Vinny, whom I started my fandom with in 1960 at the LA coliseum.. I personally don’t like Corps running baseball teams

  3. bamaboy Lies, Lies !  Just say you screwed up.. They can’t own the fact they messed up with Gordon, coming in the Door, They also brought in a lot of Trash with the moves they made in 2015 too

  4. The $10,000,000 flexibility on Dan Haren…wtf? What a bunch of bullshit. If the Dodgers blundering brain trust had kept Dee Gordon as everyone but them thought, he would have been the N.L.’s MVP. There’s no doubt.
    I fricken hate this anal-y-tics style baseball. Just proves it’s only good for the regular season. It’s just for being good enough to sell out games, and screw the post season. Ask Oaktown, or Tampa.

  5. It’s as if Jim Buss were running the Dodgers. Everytime I here how the FO & numbskull GM Farhan Zaidi were trying to save money my head explodes. It’s absolute nonsense. They have been paying ex players to perform for other teams all season. I have absolutely no faith in the Dodgers FO. Pafuckingthedic!

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