Dodgers News: Zaidi Talks About Moving Ethier

Despite the Los Angeles Dodgers having a potential deadline for a trade of outfielder Andre Ethier, that doesn’t mean that the team actually wants to trade him away from their club. That is, of course, if you are to believe general manager Farhan Zaidi.

The 33-year old outfielder hit .294 with the team last season, and even slugged 14 home runs and drove in 53 runs. The issue is that Ethier is now a little bit of a platoon player, although he can register close to 400 plate appearances, if needed, during a season. But the Dodgers remain adamant they’re not trading him.

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From Doug Mittler of ESPN dot com:

Andre Ethier: GM Farhan Zaidi downplayed the persistent rumors that the Dodgers would like to deal the veteran outfielder. “When a guy is an important and productive part of your team, you don’t spend your time worrying about whether you can trade him,” Zaidi told Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times. The White Sox were reportedly interested in Ethier earlier this month, but that rumor fizzled. Ethier is scheduled to make $35.5 million over the next two seasons, and has a vesting option for 2018.

If you’re to take Zaidi at his word, then the Dodgers aren’t worrying about whether they can trade him or not. Then again, that doesn’t mean they aren’t at least exploring deals to move him if one comes across their table. You have to read a little bit through the lines here.

With Ethier in line to make $35.5 million over the upcoming two seasons, you have to wonder if the Dodgers do indeed think it’s prudent to move him should a team come calling. There are still teams out there who could use him, but that doesn’t mean there’s a match to be made there.

Either way, as of right now Andre Ethier is still on the roster and the team is going to likely head into the season with him being there unless something drastic changes on the trade front. The team isn’t worried about whether they can trade him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be moved. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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  1. I do not believe that I have ever said anything negative on any blog about a player or fan, but that was actually one of the most insulting remarks I have ever read on this or any other Dodger site.  A waste of space?  Ethier has spent his entire near ten year ML career as a Dodger.  During those nearly 10 years he has twice been an all-star; carries a career .286 BA, .359 OBP, .464 SLG, .823 OPS, and a OPS+ of 122.  He really has only had one “bad” year, 2014.  He should be blamed because Colletti offered him a 5 year $85 Million contract and he accepted?  With Puig spending most of the year on the DL, Pederson tanking in the 2nd half, SVS hurt most of the year, Ethier pretty much carried the OF for a team that won 92 games and the Division for the third straight year.  He did not have a large sample size (45 AB), but I acknowledge he does not hit lefties very well, but SVS and Kike’ do.  Ethier hit RHP very well….306/.383/.517.  That is an OPS of .900.  That is over 350 AB.  That is a waste of space?  What do you expect the Dodger OF to be…Bautista, Trout, and Harper?

  2. AlwaysCompete  I did not mean Ethier. I meant the article saying there was no trade being talked about for Ethier is old, old news. but yes, him being a Bautista or a Trout would be nice. We have enough Markakis’s on the team already.

  3. Damn Zaidi is getting on my nerves for being a liar. I’m guessing bcuz he’s Friedman’s puppet. He said he wouldn’t trade Gordon and that didn’t hold up now he’s saying he’s never thinking about trading a good player (Dee comes to mind again and now Ethier) yet few months ago I’m guessing around the GM meetings he said the roster isn’t set in stone and that he’s always looking to trade his player. That’s like 3 lies righ there
    Ok rant over 🙂

  4. Jagman63 AlwaysCompete  I apologize that I misread/misinterpreted your meaning.  I am a fan of lifelong Dodgers, and while he is not HOF material, he has had a productive career.  I actually hope he retires as a Dodger, but it is doubtful…unless we get to May and he is still playing for LAD.  Again I apologize.

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