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Dodgers: NFL Fantasy Draft Fashion on Travel Day

Fantasy football isn’t just popular in your offices and among your friend group. Even players in the big leagues get involved with it every single season. With the NFL season just around the corner, Dodgers players sported NFL jerseys on their travel day this week. 

The Dodgers take their fantasy football pretty seriously, that’s for sure. With Farhan Zaidi leaving to go to the Giants, it’s apparently gotten a lot more competitive over the years. This year, the team hit golf balls from the left-field pavilion to decide the order of the draft. And on travel day, the jerseys were popping. 

Considering Alex Wood is from North Carolina, it makes sense that he would be sporting a Panthers jersey. Who knows how Kenley became a Green Bay Packers fan, or maybe he just really likes Aaron Rodgers. The Dodgers wore the jerseys as they traveled from Los Angeles to Arizona for a three-game series versus the Diamondbacks. 

Check out the Dodgers Instagram to see which Dodgers player was supporting your NFL team! 

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