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Dodgers NLCS: Clayton Kershaw Will Pitch Eventually, But it Won’t Be Game 3

 The Dodgers got the late news on Tuesday morning that Clayton Kershaw would not be making his scheduled start in Game 2 of the NLCS. With Los Angeles already playing from behind Atlanta, the news was less than ideal timing. 

Several media members reported seeing Kershaw throwing a dry bullpen on Tuesday as well, a routine he often follows the day before he makes a start. That led to questions of when he would actually start for Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. For Doc, they tried as long as they could to keep Kersh in this Game 2 spot, but they do expect him back. 

It’s one of those things that we just felt that we tried to kick the can down the road as long as we could. And today he just woke up and felt that it just wouldn’t be smart. So we as an organization decided to push him back. I honestly don’t know what game we plan on starting him but I think to leave that option open for Clayton when he feels as good as he can makes the most sense for all of us. 

When asked about the dry bullpen, Roberts was quick to cut down the notion that Kershaw would get the ball in Game 3. Instead, he admitted the Dodgers don’t really know who they are going with quite yet. 

It’s kind of day-to-day. So I just really don’t want to say what’s the soonest, I don’t know. That’s really a Clayton and training staff question. 

With Kershaw out, Tony Gonsolin takes the ball this afternoon for the Dodgers. But with Dustin May pitching in last night’s loss, it’s led many to wonder what direction the team will go in Game 3. They could use Julio Urias and go back to Dustin May in Game 4, but most of that depends on how today goes. 

UPDATE: The team just announced Julio Urias is indeed starting Game 3 of the NLCS.

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  1. So, maybe Kershaw in game 4? Is he going to be healthy enough? maybe it was wise for Roberts to limit Kershaws pitches and innings? he pitches a game for 8 innings and now his back is out of wack. Every player wants to play no matter what. that means even if they aren’t at their best health-wise. They don’t think about the outcome of the game. Some if not all think what’s in their contract, get this much pay for this many hits, for this many home runs, for this many at-bats, singles, doubles, triples, innings pitched, how many strikeouts and so on. Players do whatever they can to meet their contract expectations. Most don’t do it for the team, they are the ones that see the letter I in team.

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