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Dodgers NLCS: Eric Karros Throwing Out the First Pitch for Game 4

The Dodgers are featuring a number of big names throwing out first pitches during the postseason. They just hosted Adrian Gonzalez prior to Game 3, and we all know how well that one went for Los Angeles. 

Keeping with the theme of fan-favorite first basemen, the Dodgers will have Eric Karros throwing out the first pitch tonight. Hopefully, we get the same kind of luck that we got out of Gonzo throwing it on Tuesday afternoon. 

The Dodgers have not yet announced the first pitch for Thursday’s game, but we’re hoping for yet another first baseman. Maybe Steve Garvey is free that day to keep the trend going?

Karros was drafted by the Dodgers back in 1988 out of UCLA. He spent 12 years in Los Angeles where he hit 270 homeruns and drove in close to 1000 runs. Karros won the 1992 Rookie of the Year Award and was a constant figure over at first base in the 90s. 

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The Dodgers and Braves kick off Game 4 of the NLCS tonight at 5:08 pm. Julio Urias gets the ball for Los Angeles and will likely face off against an opener for the Braves. Atlanta has yet to announce a starting pitcher this afternoon. 

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  1. Ok officially not happy with today’s lineup as announced:

    RF Betts (NLCS MVP)
    SS Seager (try catching the ball, but nice HR!)
    2B T Turner (batting champ? Really?)
    C Smith (pray for no plays at the plate)
    3B J Turner (go Chase Utley if you have to)
    CF Lux (try not to hurt yourself)
    1B Bellinger (nice Gibby impersonation)
    LF Taylor (nice Lou Brock impersonation)
    P Urias (pen has your back)

    Now let’s go get ‘em and even up this series!

    Let’s go Dodgers!

  2. Sure would be nice if TBS, in its’ hour long pregame show, could cut to the field and show some pre-game festivities…. such as the opening lineups for the first game of each home team game… Shishhhh!

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