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Dodgers NLCS: Joe Kelly to Start Game 5 Tonight in Los Angeles

The Dodgers will play to survive tonight and every game from here on out in the NLCS. Down 3 games to 1 against the Braves, Dave Roberts has no choice but to go with a bullpen game without a starting pitcher ready to go. 

To get things started in Game 5, the Dodgers announced that Joe Kelly will be the opener. No word yet on how long he is expected to go, but Roberts will likely need more than 1 inning of work out of him. Los Angeles has leaned heavily on their bullpen in this series, but especially since the series turned back to Los Angeles. 

Kelly did not go a full 2 innings at any point in the 2021 season. The most he went was 1.2 innings, which he did just twice throughout the regular season. He has appeared in the NLCS 3 times already for the Dodgers. 

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In the series, Kelly has tossed 2.1 innings of scoreless ball for the Dodgers. He struck out 4 and has yet to issue a walk. If he is able to go multiple innings, that would be huge for the tired bullpen and Dave Roberts. 

Everyone is expected to be available for the Dodgers as they attempt to stave off elimination. The travel day on Friday should make those decisions a little easier. 

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  1. Well at least they heard me in terms of pitching. Kelly has been absolutely untouchable by the Braves so far. He’s a former starter for the Cards, so hopefully he can give us some length.

    1. Great call with Joe….

      Just make sure if he runs into problems, pull him quick. We can not get down by more than 2 runs to give us a chance tonight.

      Smart Ball tonight Skipper! Or it could be your last…..

      LFG boys!

      1. How about EP doing his best Tom Seaver impersonation!

        LFG Dodgers

        Guess the Dodgers had the Braves just where they wanted them after game 4 lol.

        1. I can just hear Brian Snitker doing his best John McEnroe impersonation…”you cannot be effing serious!”

          1. Wtf all I gotta do is beat Scherzer and Buehler right? I got this.

            Maybe I should keep Mike Shildt’s phone number on speed dial just in case! I think I’ve seen this movie before.

          2. Brian…what’s the saying? Best not to wake a sleeping giant? Just sayin

  2. Now how the heck am I going to pitch to this lineup?

    Hey pitching coach…you got any brilliant ideas?

    Shakin in my boots and it’s only Friday.

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