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Dodgers NLDS: Albert Pujols Will Get the Start in Game 3

The Dodgers and Giants will be back at it on Monday night in Los Angeles. With each team looking to take a lead in the Division Series, Game 3 could end up being very exciting with some good arms on the mound. 

The winner of Game 3 in a best-of-5 series in MLB has won that series 72 percent of the time. So naturally, the Dodgers and Giants absolutely want this one. Max Scherzer goes for Los Angeles facing off against former Dodger Alex Wood

Because there is a lefty on the mound for San Francisco, Dave Roberts will go with Albert Pujols at first base. There were some questions as to what the Dodgers would do when a southpaw was on the mound in the postseason, but Doc made it clear. 

Pujols hit very well against left-handed pitching in 2021, but especially so since coming over to the Dodgers. On the year, he slashed .294/.336/.603 with a .939 OPS against southpaws. He also hit 13 of his 17 homeruns off of lefties and drove in 34 runs. 

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The Dodgers could have opted to keep Cody Bellinger over there at first base for the defense. Instead, they will sit Cody and use him off of the bench. The only real concern seems to be defensively and with Pujols’ lack of speed on the basepaths. 

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      1. I think Barnes does catch. Max prefers him even if he won’t come out and say so. He’s needs a start to keep him relevant as well. Happy for Tio Albert. Will be good to see him in the postseason again.

      2. He’s got to catch Barnes. Smith and his lazy defense, then his lack of throwing anyone out almost cost the dodgers the Wild card game. Max’s pitches are Nasty and Smith doesn’t read him as well…

        1. Ok game 3 lineup:

          RF Betts
          SS Seager
          2B T Turner
          3B J Turner
          1B Pujols
          CF Taylor
          LF Pollock
          C Barnes
          P Scherzer

          Done. Giants make sure you bring your earplugs!

  1. The Dodgers are a better team with Uncle Albert on first base. They lose nothing, defensively he’s better than all the others. His bat is much better than Bellinger. The pitcher Urias has a better Batting Average than Bellinger!
    Roberts, the Combo of Smith and Buehler is predictable, first pitch straight fastball outside half of the plate. Smith is a better hitter but Barnes is a better catcher.

      1. Pujols may run into a Wood fastball. We have a distinct advantage having had him on our team for several years. I wish him the best except when he pitches against us.

  2. “The only real concern seems to be defensively and with Pujols’ lack of speed on the basepaths.”

    But those are REAL concerns! Pujols should be subbed out when an RHP enters the game for the Giants, or whenever he represents a crucial run on the basepaths. He is probably the slowest baserunner in MLB.

    1. Unwashed, true and the Dodgers should plunk Posey and create the same problems for the Vagiants. Posey is not far behind Pujols on the basepaths, and Posey kills the dodgers. Put him on….

      1. Kirk, I second that. You just can’t let Posey beat you. Anyone but him. Butane should have gotten a thorough tongue-lashing for that pitch! Unforgivable! At least the one to Bryant was a 3-2 pitch, not a 3-0! Sheesh.

    2. Unwashed, no argument. Very valid points. It’s just nice to see him in the postseason again. Guess I’m just a nostalgic fool. On a side note. I’m really not a big fan of the shift although I understand why it’s done.

    3. Agree whole heartedly. Give him the 2 at bats then put Bellinger there. No Buckner moments. Wood won’t be given 3 times around on our lineup anyway. If he gets on base his second at bat, pinch run.

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