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Dodgers NLDS: Gavin Lux Will Be Back in the Lineup in Game 5

The Dodgers pulled another one out in Game 4 to keep their World Series hopes alive. With everything on the line against the Giants, Dave Roberts put out a new-look lineup that go the job done. And we should see more of it during Game 5 against Logan Webb.

The biggest difference was that the Dodgers went with Gavin Lux in the outfield over having AJ Pollock in the lineup. Lux started in centerfield and Chris Taylor slid over to left. Lux immediately rewarded Doc by reaching base in all 4 of his plate appearances. 

The second baseman turned outfielder singled twice and drew 2 walks in Game 4. While he scored just 1 of the runs for the Dodgers, Lux continued to see pitches well and to adjust in the middle of the count. That’s why he will be back in there in Game 5

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Doc said after the win that Lux would be in the Dodgers lineup on Thursday in San Francisco. The only question right now is where he will end up playing. Lux did note after teh win that playing in center helps him get a read off of the bat similar to playing in the middle infield. 

But the outfield in San Francisco is also much larger than in Los Angeles, so reads off of the bat are huge. Roberts might opt for CT3 in center and go with Lux over in left to help him out. That would leave Pollock as the odd man out in the Dodgers outfield again. 

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    1. Not sure if Taylor has ever played 1st dude. Bellinger has had a good post season. You dont bench him.

      1. That’s why Taylor is a utility man. He’s played everywhere else on the field, except catcher and pitcher.

        1. Boy – Belli is hitting, and he’ll hit Webb, just like another LH bat – Lux. Gavin and Lux are raking now at the bottom of the order. CT3 plays OF and not 1st base. Rest of lineup is set. AJ will come off the bench to pinch hit against a lefty only now

    2. Pollock is finally playing his best postseason position…EL BENCHO! The guy was 0-13 with 11 strikeouts vs the Nats in 2019. Last year he was 4-20 vs the Braves in the NLCS and 1-6 vs the Rays in the WS. Let me know if you think that record deserves a start over Bellinger who is out hitting the reigning NL batting champ in the series!

      1. Yeah sad to say AJ is a lost cause in the postseason. Glad Belli and Lux are hitting. Get a little more production out of Corey, Trea and Justin and its over

      2. Well said, he has been a disaster in the postseason in his 3 yrs with the Dodgers, he didn’t have to worry about that with the Diamonbacks.

  1. Projected game 5 lineup;

    RF Betts
    SS Seager
    2B T Turner
    C Smith
    3B J Turner
    CF Lux
    1B Bellinger
    LF Taylor
    P “Babe” Urias

    Prediction, they don’t walk CT3 to pitch to Urias lol

      1. The single most important AB for the entire game will be Mookie to lead off the game. He absolutely, positively must get on either by a hit or walk. It will set the tone for the entire game!

        1. pretty much. Betts stirs the Dodgers offense – as the lead off hitter its all about OBP! Got to get on for Corey and Trea. Betts hit well yesterday, with doc saying he saw his best swing of the year in yesterday’s game. So Betts is heating up, Lux is HOT, Belli is coming back, we so got this. Doc is really dialed in this postseason; everything is working. Great to have a set line-up for the most part. Pretty rare for the Dodgers!!! Lots of positive vibes lately here as well, as the whiners and complainers take a backseat. Go Dodgers!

          It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!

    1. One of the least things mentioned in trying to ‘help’ Bellinger in my opinion, is to protect him with a great hitter behind him in the order…… I still love the idea of putting Belli in the 9 hole, then you have Betts right behind him…. Obviously not in G5, whereas you have ‘Babe’.

      With the injuries Belli has had, plus a slice of ‘humble pie’, next year he will rebound. The added bonus will be the DH, as they say….

      1. I wonder what Vegas’ odds are for bellinger to get 1 hit? The order looks pretty good but if Drrrrrrr’ s really wants to stir, simply switch JT to 7th, CT to 5th , Bellinger to 8th or 9th. Joe maddon used to bat his pitcher 8th and he won a World Series by doing so. Especially with how well Urias hits. But that’s a lot too extravagant for Drrrr.

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