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Dodgers Notes: Franchise Stunned By Miller, Top Prospect Ruled Out For Year, Trade Rumors & More

By no means was it a sad day but I think we can all agree that a nice Dodger game makes everything better. Do not worry folks, our Boys in Blue are back Tuesday in a new series against the Cincinnati Reds and there will be plenty to keep an eye on there. Expect some big wins after a less than ideal Yankees series.

In other team news, there is a lot of noise surrounding the franchise right now about whether or not LA should make a move for more pitching depth, our guys on Blue Heaven reacted to Bobby Miller’s electric outing against New York, and so much more!

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  1. Another Dodger series loss, another glslaring example of just how bad a manager Dave Roberts is. I hope that game 1 vs Rays is gifted to Dummy Dave on tape where the disparity of a well managed team is never been so obvious n the post game interviews of Rays players stating that the Dodgers don’t even practice holding runners on, bunting, fielding and throwing out runners. Then there is Phil bickford. Dave must be sleeping with that guy. Bickford is not even MLB quality, AA at best. Yet Dave goes to him every game n the guy gets shelled. He is Osuna all over again. How many games has Bickford lost for the Dodgers? 5 ? 20? How many is he going to fuck up over the year? Dodgers would have had 3;world series titles if muks sciovia were manager, or Dusty Baker . But LA is stuck with Dummy Dave who couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag!

  2. The Anti-Catholic/Christian course the Dodgers are on has many people saying that’s enough . Do Not insult us and Our Beliefs and think those seats will be go on being filled .

    1. Mike, it’s not just the Dodgers but MLB is the real culprit. They are using the Dodgers as an example. This anti Christian action cannot be tolerated. Next target Islam and Jewry.

      The sisters (male perverts) of perpetual SIN must be once again disinvited. If not, Dodger players and fans need to show their real disgust on June 16. The world will be watching !

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