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Dodgers: Odd Play Leads to Pirates Losing Out on a Homerun on Tuesday Night

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in a baseball game, the Dodgers and Pirates try to top it. Playing in the first game of a 3-game set on Tuesday night, something wild happened in the very first inning. 

Pirates’ third baseman Ke’Bryan Hayes took a Walker Buehler fastball deep to right field and clanged one off of the foul pole. As he circled the bases, there were questions on if the ball went out. The Dodgers fielded the ball that came back on the field and fired it into second base. 

The Dodgers then challenged the play which clearly looked like the ball had gone out. But when the umpires took off their headsets, they signaled that Hayes was called out.

This was why the young infielder was called out by the officiating crew. 

That’s right, Hayes missed first base when he was circling on his homerun. The Dodgers later revealed that it was Austin Barnes who saw it happen in real-time from the dugout. Los Angeles appealed over at first base before the replay, and Hayes was called out after review. 

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Funny enough, the scoring was ruled as a flyout to first base with the change. I’m not sure how they come up with that be, but the Dodgers were just happy to see an early run erased off of the board. Los Angeles went on to win this one 5-3 after Kenley Jansen was forced to come on in the 9th inning. 

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  1. Touching the bag and home plate are basic LLB teaching. I have never seen anyone called out in either LLB or MLB. A tough lesson to be called out on it. The most basic rules are being seen on the replays.

  2. They should of given the out to Barnes. Nice heads up and attention by Barnes. You gotta like a guy who keeps his head in the game all the time.

  3. Whoever saw that from the dugout has GREAT EYESIGHT! And that guy is 1000% focusing on the game and every detail ! Walker owes that guy a big gourmet dinner for saving him that homer and his ERA. Even the 1st base umpire didn’t know about it, he should be fired.

    1. My bad, maybe the 1st base umpire was watching the flight of the ball, but other umps should be watching to make sure the runner is touching the bases; either the plate or 2nd base ump should be watching the runner.

  4. Austin does many positive things for the team. He might even be credited for the win since, if the run had counted, Kenley would most probably have had to enter the game sooner…and we might have lost or, at minimum, he might then not be available today.

  5. Great article on ESPN about how atrocious the base running has become. Just further evidence of how the analytics nerds have destroyed the game.

  6. So, if someone clearly hits a HR, into the seats, say, but fails to touch one of the bases during his trot, can the fielding team appeal to that base, before throwing the next pitch to the next hitter, and if the ump agrees, have that 1st batter called out & the run erased? That’s essentially what happened here.

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