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Dodgers Off-Season: Francisco Lindor Confirmed for Cleveland FanFest

Undeniably, there are those in Los Angeles Dodgers nation who are holding out hope for a blockbuster trade for Cleveland Indians superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor. Still, major reporters like Jon Morosi have deemed it less likely to occur then other trades.

Now, the Cleveland Indians social media team is playing coy and having a little fun on Twitter. For instance, take a look at their tweet on Tuesday which confirms Lindor for TribeFest. Notably, TribeFest will occur on Saturday February 1st in Cleveland.

Of course every franchise in baseball (to my knowledge) hosts a winter event that gets their fan base revved up for the season to come. To advertise a major star and franchise cornerstone for the event, the Cleveland brass must be certain they’re hanging onto Lindor until the July deadline or at some point during the 2020 season.

Equally important, it means the Dodgers just couldn’t find a way to put Lindor in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform. Indeed, all the whispers and all the odds of the Dodgers being at the front of the line to land Lindor seem to have gone by the wayside.

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Obviously when you’re talking a player the caliber of Lindor, there is no way to obtain a consolation prize. Furthermore, one must wonder if the whispers of Mookie Betts to Los Angeles is just the organization exploring and kicking tires like they did on Lindor.

If it in any way matters, the Dodgers signed pitcher Jimmy Nelson and a reliever with a live arm on Tuesday. But the Dodgers couldn’t come away with Lindor, and they may never. Let us know how this makes you feel in the comments below.

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  1. To be honest I would say that 99.9% of all of us KNEW that this Lindor deal was nothing more than simple talk and nothing more. And my guess is Dodgers will go to ST not having made any impact moves at all and just going with what they have on the roster because in all honesty Dodgers appear to look like they are just not a team right now that is a favorable landing spot for many players.

  2. You dont make bad deals. The only way Lindor was going to be a Dodger was if the trade chips going in the other direction was staggering. I think Lux will be as big as Lindor in a few years anyway, Meanwhile we have house control for a few seasons.

  3. Well Lux was not going to be a part of that deal and that’s fine because Lindor only has 2 years of control and Betts has only 1 year of control. IDK, but even though he is 34 years old, I would not have too much of an issue if they signed Donaldson, who would cost them only $$ that they CAN afford. and who knows , maybe Donaldson in his later years could become the next David Freese as far as his usage is concerned. And also consider that the DH may be in NL in a couple years too.

  4. No reason for FO to make a godfather like offer for him now. Lindor will be traded either this trade deadline or next off season, where his asking price will have to come down.

    Would have loved to get Lindor, Betts, or Bryant, but realistically, we are sitting atop the NL. Waiting until deadline to see how is hot and who is not is best route for this team to take.

  5. The Dodgers didn’t need to make a Blockbuster deal. They alread play winning baseball. They simply don’t execute at the right time.
    Please, no more speculative stories about potential moves.

    1. Choking is definitely the biggest issue. But what they could’ve done is increase their chances as much as possible by adding a playoff ace and high leverage relievers

    2. It’s all a puzzle piece to show the whole puzzle, to tell the story. They have played winning baseball for a long time. It’s speculative to think you can run them back out there and it’s automatic. Look at the 2018 Red Sox and then the 2019 iteration.

      Baseball happens.

      1. Clint, remember when Roberts and his arrogance speculated a White House visit? And he would Diss the President?! Then the Nat’s catcher wore the make America Great hat to the actual event? That was quite fitting. Baseball irony absolutely happens.

        1. Yeah I laughed at that when he did it. If you follow me on twitter (@diamondhoggers) I said get there first. I didn’t like it. He should have just talked off it.

  6. Lindor is one of the top players in the game. Lux may be someday, or he may be a disappointment. Andy Marte, Matt LaPorta, Brandon Wood, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ben Grieve, Ben McDonald, Matt Anderson and Mark Prior were all supposed to be superstars after sucessful minor league careers,

    LA lost a sure thing for a maybe.

  7. Same old story. I am a lifetime Dodger fan who is growing tired of the lack of response to glaring issues keeping them from winning the big prize. #blown save! #consistent right handed power! Lokks like another year of being the brides maid….or less.

  8. You bet Clint. The ultimate perfect example thinking they are all that was Roberts announcing he would diss the White house invite from the President! And of course it was only fitting that the Nat’s catcher wore a Make America Great hat to the real championship parade and event! Its arrogance like this that turns plenty of people off trying to accept this sabermetric,analytic, fantasy sports money ball experiment that the Dodgers think is such a guarantee, that their manager can make ignorant political projections. I think most of us learned to keep our mouths shut in our mid season sports experiences when we were in little league.

    . .

  9. Cleveland lucked out kEeping Lindor instead of losing him to LA. As an Indians fan from childhood and during my adult life in LA, I want to stay an Indians fan. Lindor is to the Indians what Lebron was to the Cavs. Breaks my heart seeing stars run away from teams that they have a major positive impact upon. Sick and tired of the greed driven sport systems that seduce players into jumping the ships for more $.

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