Dodgers Offense Hit Rock Bottom, Should LA Make a Trade to Spark Offense?

It was the coldest of cold nights for the Dodgers bats on Thursday night with LA unable to muster a single hit against the Cubs, who used four pitchers to complete their first combined no-hitter in franchise history. We break down the putrid performance by the Dodgers bats and try to pinpoint why they continue to struggle against teams above .500 this season. Plus, Dave Roberts and Mookie Betts react to the Dodgers’ hitless night.

Next, when asked about the Dodgers slumping offense, Mookie Betts said, “We play 162 games. I don’t know many teams that are hot for 162 games. You go with the waves.” We discuss Mookie’s comments and if this is just a slump or an offense in need of some wholesale changes.


The Dodgers actually picked up a few hits on Friday night but still struggled scoring runs, at least until late. Would it behoove the team to look for a bat on the trade market or could a mindset change make a difference? Maybe someone needs to call Jobu?


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. How about the guy who’s OPS is 144 and took them deep the other night? He’s avalable.

      1. In the miracle event that they somehow all get healthy at the same time, Taylor becomes the 10th man, moving around to give days off to turner, play 2nd against lefties, and compete with Pollock for playing time in left. The other position players off the bench would include McKinstry, Barnes, Beaty, and Pujols. The odd guy out would clearly be Souza. If they are healthy, they don’t need any upgrades. But the myth of Dodger depth doesn’t go much deeper than this. If they lose a catcher, they have a good replacement in Ruiz, but all these other guys who have seen time are AAA players, Neuse, Raley, Peters, Souza…..are pretty much automatic strike outs, and any future potential stars are in the lower minors, very young, and years away, like Cartaya and Pages.

        1. To start Cody and Seager need to bulk up they’re to skinny and wimpy getting hurt continously at least add 10 pounds . Once everyone is healthy dodgers will run away with division but Roberts needs to stop babying players quit giving days off they’re only playing a kids game and getting paid millions of dollars and who knows that player sitting might have had a good day. These players are playing for 3 hours and run ocasionally but get a lot of rest during games. Not like they’re lifting bricks doing construction work. It’s a joke ! Let them play period. Bellinger has been resting for more than 2 months comes back plays 1 game then gets day off. HOW STUPID IS THAT!

          1. and yet it was this very philosophy of resting players on a predetermined schedule that has them in the WS 3 out of 4 years, winning it all last year. This year more than ever, they need time off their feet as compared to last year’s 60 game season. this year’s season is real long in comparison! As a fan of the Dodgers going all the way again, I actually hope few Dodger players make the All Star team, so they get 3 days off and come back recharged. and perhaps for those deserving to be an All Star, but are not selected, they come back with a chip on their shoulder!

  2. I’m actually more concerned about Bauer and Urias right now. Bauer’s serving up a lot of HRs. Urias’ ERA has ballooned to a hair under 4.00. I can’t tell if Gonsolin’s injury is still an issue or not. He’s looking better, even though his velocity is down a bit. He went 4 innings last time. It would be nice to at least 6 out him regularly. I think the offense will come around with who we already have. Seager needs to come back and get hot. I don’t know what to make of Bellinger. I hope he regains some of his prior form.

  3. No, don’t need anyone new. Just need a little tweaking of the batting order and their mindset on offense. The guys they have now are talented enough to make any adjustments needed, but if the hitting coaches still promoting launching, forget about it ain’t working. It’s only increasing more strikeouts and weakly sliced oppo pop-ups. Get in the box, be ready to hit the 1st centercut because that’s probably the only good pitch you’re going to see. Get the 2-strike approach going…..it creates contact ,ball in play w/ holes on shifts. Pass the baton, keep the line moving, and ambush the pitcher when he’s force to pitch to you. Being patient and taking BB is okay if he’s wild but if he’s around the plate all game, take your hack on that sweet spot….’ cause today’s umps will call it a strike anyway. That “ be patient” approach is making the guys too passive, falling behind in counts and giving the pitcher to pitch his pitch. Work the top hand, concentrate hitting hard line drives to the middle gaps for now and get the offense moving. Eventually w/ the hard drives the backspin will come resulting in rockets over the wall. Launching is a myth!

    1. We need someone who knows how to set a lineup!! Hitting coaches seem absent season after season. Homers are great and will come naturally. More hits are needed and higher averages. I don’t even know who the hitting coach is anymore! AS previously mentioned, a hitting strategy could make a difference as well.

  4. And no need to worry about Bauer and Urias they’ll be ok. Need to worry about Mookie who gets 30 million a year but looks more like a bench player hitting 250 only. He got the money now and now he justa sucks!

  5. AJ Pollock gets 15 million a year to sit down and play only against lefthanders that’s a lot of money for part timer. Truth is they won the title now they don’t care they don’t wanted as much. All the scoring opportunities and come out with nothing falls on the manager but he’s above the law nobody questions him or benches Him. Just look at Giants manager winning with a mediocre team.

  6. Trade Roberts for a bag of balls, at least they would know, how to be used at the right time

    1. That will be the day, JR. Trading Roberts!!!
      That guy has no managing skills. He needs to learn how to play small ball, manufacture runs, move guys over with bunts by hitting against he shifts!!! But he never gives any sign of knowing how to manage!!!!
      Roberts sucks!!!!!??

        1. The facts are: He’s only won one WS (in a shorten season). He blew the other appearances and several championships. The teams he’s had has so much talent that should win it all!! If Tommy Was managing these teams, they easily would have won more than one WS title during those full seasons. LA wants World Series Winners. Second best or also-rans don’t cut it!!

  7. I would love to Josiah Gray make his debut and let Gonsilin continue building his confidence and strength. Also I agree about Roberts babying player’s their supposed to be everyday players not every now and then, that’s why the get paid big money.

  8. Andrew Friedman is a big part of the problem. Always shopping in the junkyard for discarded, broken down relief pitchers instead of spending a few extra bucks, which he can afford, for proven and especially HEALTHY relief guys that other teams gladly pick up and use to shut down the Dodgers. A. Fried should not be getting the pass that he’s getting for our bullpen problems.

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