Dodgers: Offense Will Need to Pick Up the Slack for the Depleted Rotation

It’s no secret that the Dodgers are thin on pitching at the moment. Down to just four healthy starting pitchers, the offense will need to carry the team through the next couple of weeks.

Superstar Clayton Kershaw hit the injured list a few days ago with elbow inflammation – MRIs were negative for structural damage. Trevor Bauer remains on administrative leave while the MLB continues its investigation into sexual assault allegations.

That leaves Julio Urias, Walker Buehler, Tony Gonsolin, and now David Price in the rotation. Currently, there isn’t a fifth starter.

The team is scrambling for bullpen arms too. Unproven pitchers like Alex Vesia, Darien Nuñez, and Jake Reed are being asked to hold leads and provide quality innings. It’s up to the offense to provide additional room for error.

This isn’t a referendum about an underperforming unit. Quite the contrary. The Dodger offense currently ranks second in runs scored in the majors (469) — 5.15 runs per game is nothing to sneer at. But while the rotation is in flux, the offense needs to flex their muscles. It’s up to the bats to lay the foundation for success for the next several series.

Final Thoughts on the Offense

Los Angeles has the hitters to power through this pitching health rough patch. They have MVPs, quality veterans, and everything in between. If all goes well in the next week, the offense will get to add shortstop Corey Seager back into the lineup when the Dodgers host the Giants.

Chances are, the Dodgers offense will have to bail out the patchwork pitching in a game or two, or three in July. Buehler, Urias, Gonsolin can hold their own. Price is still being stretched out. Kershaw could need additional rest for his aching elbow.

The offense is the remedy for the sting of weekly bullpen games for the Dodgers.

This team can score 22 runs in a single game. It can also appear alarmingly lethargic the very next day.

For the next couple of weeks, there can be no dry spells for the Dodgers offense.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


    1. well they follow all the rules so nothin gonna happen.

      Dodgers built on Pitching and defense, especially for the playoffs. Need to get Kersh and Bauer back. Price can be 5th starter if no more Bauer. Once Corey is back now the defense is set as well as the bench. So its slowly coming together.

    2. Just what we need. More Manfred fixing what ain’t broke. What we really need is a new commissioner.

  1. What slack, there is none. As far a I am concerned they are ready to win another Nation Leauge pennant

    1. I commented on this weeks ago when the pitching staff were going thru a merry-go-round w/ guys going up & down and spinning in circles. W/ SP depleted & BP on fumes the offense need to relieve the stress on the pitching staff. The name of the game is to score more runs than the opposition. The resume of the offense needed to step up as there were too many close games lost. They have lost games in the late innings by only 1or 2 runs and only 2 walk- offs….the offense need to help out the the inexperienced pitchers.

      1. Won only 2 walk-offs this yr. compared to past yrs. and 2-8 in x-tra innings. Not good.

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