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Dodgers Offseason: Dodgers Still Interested in Chris Taylor, Could Sign By Wednesday

The Dodgers took several punches to the gut on Monday as they lost both Max Scherzer and Corey Seager. It was also revealed that Max Muncy has a UCL tear in his non-throwing elbow. In some small good news, the Dodgers still remain in the mix to re-sign utility man Chris Taylor. 

According to MLB Network’s Jon Morosi, Taylor could sign as early as Wednesday though the Dodgers will have some competition. The Blue Jays, Mariners, Angels, and Nationals have all shown interest in signing him as well. 

With Seager and Scherzer off of the table, the Dodgers may be more willing to open up their wallets for CT3. After all, he has been identified as Los Angeles’ most important free agent this winter. They have Trea Turner to slide over and replace Seager at short, but who will fill the void left by Taylor if he departs. No one is as versatile and clutch as Taylor. The Dodgers suffered to replace Kiké Hernandez when he departed, and Taylor will be even harder. 

Bringing back Taylor would help solve the problem at second base if Gavin Lux is still unable to find his footing in the big leagues and if not he can always platoon in left field with AJ Pollock or spend time in all three outfield positions. 

Taylor is undoubtedly the biggest free agent, aside from Clayton Kershaw, that is a part of the Dodgers 2021 free-agent class. Hopefully, Andrew Friedman works his magic and keeps CT3 a Dodger.

Chris Taylor Likely to Sign Wednesday, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Mariners, Angels Nats in the Mix!

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  1. Need to keep Taylor no Mayer what. Cannot let Jim go open up the wallet and keep him no matter what don’t be out mid again. If you have any hope of the post season next year do it. Try to get Freeman also you can pay him what it takes he is better than Seated give him the six years if need be and get Kershaw signed and trade for more pitching do your Joe Friedman.

    1. CT3 is a must, no matter what. Yes, sign Freeman and also sign Kris Bryant, Marcus Stroman, and Carlos Rodon. Bye bye Kersh. Thank you for everything.

          1. Not Friedman Prince, Drrrrrrrrrrrrr. Taylor was hired by Friedman but I predicted most all of the FA’s would bolt because of the Drrrrr factor. I don’t just make up reasons for not liking drrrrrr. It’s obvious, it’s blatant in my eyes that these players know how and why they didn’t completely succeed in LA. Everything was there for them, except a manager who knows how to win under pressure. Kike’ Joc, Scherz were prime examples of leaving for more money and having just as good a opportunity to play in the post season. Joc won another Ring, kike’ shined like always in the post season.

  2. Taylor is glue and Friedman knows how impossible it would be to replace him in kind. Look for him to go all out on CT3. Hope that his price doesn’t get totally out of line with his value like the top free agents have this off season. He’s a highly desirable vs. top tier free agent. Cost isn’t an issue with this team but I don’t see Andrew paying drastically more than worth very often.
    Did you guys notice that all Seager really got from Texas was two additional years and his contract AAV was very close to what he turned down from the Dodgers??

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