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Dodgers Offseason: Insider Says Mets May be in the Lead in Max Scherzer Sweepstakes

The hot stove is hot on Sunday night! After a day where several high profile moves and signings have been reported around baseball, MLB insider Jon Heyman added a wrinkle to a potential return to the LA Dodgers for ace right-hander Max Scherzer. 

As it stands, it seems that the New York Mets may now be the frontrunners to sign the free agent.

Add Ken Rosenthal’s name to the mix of insiders linking Scherzer to New York.

By all accounts, the Mets have joined the bidding on Scherzer later than other teams. But after a massive splash where they signed three players on Friday, the Amazin’s may have proven that they have their eyes firmly set on a World Series run in 2022.

Early on Sunday, reports had four teams — the Dodgers, Angels, Giants, and Mets — in on Scherzer.  Moreover, there is an expectation that Mad Max will be looking to sign soon. Possibly as early as Sunday evening but perhaps no later than Wednesday.

Jon Morosi has reported a deal in the neighborhood of three years and $120 million could be on the table from New York.

Of course, this is not the first time reports like these have surfaced from Jon Heyman. Last February, the insider said the Mets and free agent Trevor Bauer were in agreement on a deal and that the Dodgers had just missed out. However, as we know now, the pitcher ultimately signed with the Dodgers and became a problem for LA shortly thereafter. 

More to come on these reports as soon as new details emerge.

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    1. It’s very possible that Dodgers miss out on both Seager and Scherzer. It’s a wonder how Dodgers haven’t signed anyone worth while yet but it could be that Roberts has become a deterrent to players wanting to sign here. I mean, Dodgers won 106 games but still failed to reach WS and finished 2nd in Division. Roberts had a great deal in part to do with that and most know why.

      1. Could be that Paul, added with the philosophy of the FO and Drrrrrrrrrr. Platooning wanting players etc. The Taylor scenario should give gravity to your assertion. If Taylor leaves, then it’s absolutely Drrrrrrr and the lunacy moves he makes. If Scherzer leaves, it’s because he’ll be going to a team he feels will be going after the Championship. These players usually have a sit down and hear what the future plans the org’s have for them and others, and so far NONE of the Dodgers FA’s have resigned. I think Friedman has been told by the owner’s group to bring that inflated payroll down to Earth, and that already explains the signings of the 8.oo ERA pitcher, and the 215 hitter. The ‘Should have been dynasty” is abruptly over..

      2. It’s like you always say, “That’s Roberts for you.” He’s officially a Met. We NEED to sign Robbie Ray and hopefully Marcus Stroman.

        1. Ray has signed with Seattle. Now we need to focus on signing Marcus Stroman and Carlos Rodon.

  1. Zeppo was a rental, from the ‘get go’. LA fans had a good two months of him.
    Guess, he won’t be enshrined in the HOF with a Dodger Cap. Lol.

  2. This Mookies Team Now , Trade Justin Turner … To Oakland for Matt Chapman Or sign Kyle Seager .. Justins Defense Sucks !! Why does our farm team have so many Third Basemen, that cant Play Defense ?? Last Great Third Basemen Beltre .. Let Kershaw go to Texas ,Sign Chris Taylor …Trea Turner is way better than Corey Seager , let him go !!! Let Kenley go , sign a top notch Lefty Relief Pitcher ….. We are fine , we will win 5 more rings with mookie , before he retires …

    1. we definitely need Taylor back. and yes Trea at SS will be awesome!!! Finally no more watching Croey boot balls. Love to see Trea lead off also. Betts poor playoff performance gets him #2 or #3 spot

  3. I had mentioned on here immediately following our loss to ATL, “Don’t expect Max to resign with LAD (us), you do NOT take Max Scherzer out of a game after 4 1/3 after giving up 2 runs” Thank You Dopey Dave for being THE WORST game day manager in the history of baseball. AF please let Dave go, any shot at a dynasty is w/o Dave Roberts. Trust me with inside info….ALL the players know it. There is plenty of pitching within the organization IF used properly. Dopey even injured Max’s arm within 2 months. Most TJ Surgeries in MLB last year. You’re an abuser Dopey Dave…hit the road.

  4. Seager just signed a 10 year 320m deal with Texas–it’s official.
    Who’s next?

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