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Dodgers Offseason: MLB Insider Says Rangers are ‘Waiting Patiently’ to Hear From Clayton Kershaw

With free agency starting earlier this week, Clayton Kershaw is officially off the Dodgers roster. The question is, how long will that be the case? Could Kershaw really consider retiring or even playing somewhere other than Los Angeles?

MLN Network’s Jon Morosi says the Rangers, who pursued Kershaw in free agency last year, are quite interested again this year.

Morosi’s tweet says “as I reported here,” but in the video he links to, he doesn’t really address the point in his tweet about the Rangers waiting to hear from him. Perhaps there was more to the conversation that didn’t make it into the Twitter version of the video. In this video, Morosi mostly just summarizes what we all already know (or think we know) about Kershaw’s options.

After talking about the potential benefits of playing close to home in Texas, Morosi lays out the three possibilities:

“So I think, right now, Clayton probably has three options: Number one, to potentially retire if he wants to do that, but if he decides to pitch — and I sort of think that, now that we’ve gotten to this point in the offseason and there’s been no announcement that he’s stepping away, I sort of think that we’ll see him back on the mound at some point in 2023 — then it’s probably a two-team conversation. Either the chance to be a career-long Dodger, which has to be the favorite for all the reasons you mentioned, or that possibility if he and his wife Ellen have that conversation about wanting to play in Dallas that perhaps that enters into the discussion as well.

“I think … the most likely scenario is probably still he’s in a Dodger uniform in 2023, but we’re a long way from a decision being reached there by Clayton Kershaw and his family.”

Like the Dodgers, the Rangers probably don’t want to wait too long for Kershaw to make up his mind, because both teams need to pivot to other plans if he doesn’t choose them. But for now, Morosi says, the Rangers are “waiting patiently.”

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Jeff Snider

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  1. The Rangers are great…….if you don’t mind being a loser! How about going from a team with 111 wins, to a team that could lose 100 games. Maybe that could be another record. It must be fun in the clubhouse with a team that expects to lose most of its games. Going from a team with a culture of winning to a losing team. And you still get to spend over half of the season traveling to away games, or at spring training.

  2. At this point all he can do for the Rangers is help their attendance. His career is almost over and the Rangers will not be in title contention anytime soon. If he wants to leave then God bless him,

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