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Dodgers Offseason: Potential Free Agent Target Won’t Hit Market Afterall

There are plenty of free agents set to hit the market leaving Dodgers fans drooling for potential suitors, but one big name has decided not to opt out of his contract. That man is Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado.

Among third baseman during the regular season, Arenado ranked in the top five in hits (145), batting average (.289), doubles (37), home runs (28), and RBI’s (93). The Dodgers infield may be shaken up with Justin Turner and Gavin Lux‘s futures on the team remaining uncertain.

Arenado would’ve fit nicely into the Dodgers scheme, but now the Dodgers can focus their attention elsewhere with other big names heading into the market. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they don’t have to look very far as Trea Turner continues to circulate through free agency rumors. 

Turner brings an added edge to the Dodgers and is one of the best shortstops in the game. Turner undoubtably will make huge money this coming off-season and has also expressed interest of returning to the east coast.

With Arenado off the table, the Dodgers should focus their attention on Turner while Aaron Judge remains a name to talk about. Speculations still remain on who the Dodgers value more, but with that in mind it’s highly unlikely both can be obtained. 

A lot of unanswered questions should be fulfilled in the near future as rumors start spilling over with who the Dodgers are aiming for. Soon enough fans will discover where the Dodgers values lie. 

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  1. Losing a shot at Arenado is a disappointment. Justin turner is popular but not a great player. Re0sig Trea Turner and Kenley Jansen. Sign Aaron Judge. Move Mookie to CF. Let Belli move on. Trayce Thompson in LF.

    1. No. Let a rookie bad ass who will rake thru the season and playoffs. Some good CHEAP home talent. U don’t really see vet closers win WS! lol. Dodgers lost braves lost with kenley . Maybe a set up guy?! Yeah. Back up closer if r guys can’t close. How much will he be? We talked trash after braves series to him…so would he rejoin even? As a set up , the heat would be a near non thing tho if her were here. But I don’t know the mechanics of it all tho all the time in mlb . Maybe there’s something I can’t see with that. I just think it shoukd b looked at . But this is all a moot point, Friedman isn’t reading this n yeah, great idea Sam! Ill do it!! Lol but it’s fun to speculate is y we do it

  2. Arenado was never in play and neither is Judge. Judge has said he wants to be a Yankee and they have the revenue to pay him. Plus with the Mets now having a new wealthy owner and getting to the playoffs this year it puts pressure on the Yankees to keep Judge.
    I think T Turner will sign in the East as most commentators are reporting. I do not see the Dodgers spending a lot of money in the free agent market. Kasten has said he wants to use the Farm system guys. The Dodgers have several young arms that are ready. Also Vargas and Outman will probably be on the starting roster next year. The Dodgers should have lots of cap room however as J Turner, Price, Gallo, T Turner, Kershaw, Anderson, Heaney, Martin, and others are free agents. I think they will attempt to re-sign Anderson.

    1. And do we want to pay for judges 62 hrs!? Jes not gonna hit eve. 28 hrs in 2030! Lol

  3. I really thought Arenado wanted to play here, so I’m bitterly disappointed. Still, if the only FA the Dodgers re-sign is Anderson, they will free up $170m from last years payroll. If Trae leaves, they need to hope Bogearts opts out of his contract so they can get him to play SS.

  4. He was never on the table. The smart teams are using this time to sign their own free agents, they did with Arenado and Atlanta is with Swanson and Boston with Xander. Hopefully they are talking with Anderson and T Turner now while they can negotiate exclusively.

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