Dodgers Offseason: Would Fans Accept Carlos Correa in LA?

In the span of just a few hours, the Los Angeles Dodgers learned that their top two free agents Max Scherzer and Corey Seager were signing elsewhere. First, Scherzer agreed to a three-year contract with the New York Mets worth $130M, setting an MLB record for the highest average annual value. Then, it was announced that Corey Seager agreed to a ten-year deal worth $325M with the Texas Rangers.

The Dodgers reportedly made competitive offers for Scherzer and Seager, but both ultimately opted for more lucrative deals with their respective new clubs. So far, the Dodgers have signed free agent pitchers LHP Andrew Heaney, RHP Beau Burrows, RHP Daniel Hudson and re-signed super utility man Chris Taylor. Now LA must decide how aggressively they will pursue the remaining big name free agents left on the board once a new CBA is hopefully reached within the next two months.

If the team decides it wants to go big, they could make a run at signing the game’s top free agent this offseason, in shortstop Carlos Correa.

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For many Dodgers fans, the prospect of adding a key member of the 2017 Houston Astros team that was implicated in the sign-stealing scheme that rocked MLB is unthinkable. Not only was Correa one of the faces of the club that stole the 2017 World Series title from the Dodgers, but he’s also considered by most fans to be the most loathed member.

Since the scandal broke, Correa has acted as the de facto spokesperson for the 2017 Astros, as he’s taken it upon himself to defend his teammates and coaches that took part in the scandal. Correa once in an interview with Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, looked directly at the camera to tell Cody Bellinger to ‘Shut the F— Up‘, after Bellinger told reporters that he and ‘everyone in The Show’ had lost respect for the players implicated in the scandal.

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Fast forward to the 2020 season, Joe Kelly reached folk hero status with Dodgers fans, after appearing to go head-hunting vs. the Astros and Carlos Correa, in the team’s first series against each other since the scandal broke. And while the vitriol towards the 2017 Astros may never dissipate, there are Dodgers fans that are open to the idea of signing the polarizing shortstop.

Dodgers Interested In Carlos Correa, Will LA Try To Extend Trea Turner, Would Fans Accept Correa?

We recently ran a poll on the Dodgers Nation Twitter account, asking fans ‘if LA should go after Correa in free agency.’ 76% said no, while 24% said yes. So based on the nearly 7,000 fans that participated in the poll, as of right now it’s safe to say that most Dodgers fans are against the idea of signing the two-time All-Star.

However, if time truly does heal all, Correa’s deal would likely be a minimum of ten years, so LA fans would have plenty of time to get past what happened in 2017. A potential Correa deal with the Dodgers still feels like a longshot at this point, but if it somehow materializes, a well-executed public relations campaign and a different tone from Correa regarding the scandal would be vital to winning over a fanbase that is far from healed from what happened in 2017.

Further, if there’s one commonality among Dodgers fans, it’s that we all love a winner and if Correa produces like a star and helps deliver a World Series title to Los Angeles, they could warm up to him in due time. Plus, the Dodgers have been linked to Correa by multiple insiders now and as frenzied as this offseason has been, nothing would get the hot stove sizzling like the Dodgers potentially signing the consensus top free agent.

Personally, I would attempt to extend the elite shortstop that’s already on the roster in Trea Turner, before investing $300+ million in Carlos Correa, but if LA feels like Turner is reluctant to commit long-term, then signing Correa could be a viable option.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. The more it seems evident that the Dodgers would be willing to sign Correa the more it needs to be accepted that Turner has already implied to some measure of concern that he will not commit to LA and wants to hit FA. For the fans to not want to sign Correa because of the ‘cheating’, think of the old adage about doing something to your nose to spite your face.

    1. If there is evidence that the Dodgers used a centerfield camera to capture signs and then a system from the bench to relay those signs, then the Dodgers would deserve as much grief as the Astros get for actually doing that.


      1. All the players that took steroids were and still are cheaters. Cheating comes in different forms, but fas always get over it when the cheater helps them win.

        1. Yes, and everyone knew about the steriods. It was an unspoken thing, like the spider tak, pine tar, etc. Everyone has always know about this stuff. But the Astros cheating is different because they went over and beyond, and most players didn’t know about the use of technology. As a result, several teams got affected in the postseason, legacies, jobs, careers and fans all got affected in some way. To make matters even worse, this bastard Correa is completely unrepentant and arrogant about it. Take Charlie Morton for instance, at least he’s expressing regret over it. This is completely different and I wouldn’t expect the majority of Dodger fans to ever let this go.

    2. I find it difficult to believe that Turner would play second for another season going into free agency killing his value. I als think an extension handled correctly can benefit Turner and the Dodgers.

  2. So, the Dodgers ignored the character “red flags” and went after Bauer. Should they also ignore the character issues with Correa? Keep this up and we will truly become the Yankees. If they weren’t willing to spend $325 million to retain Seager, why should they be willing to spend $300+ million to lock down Correa for the next decade. I think that money could be better spent on multiple improvements rather than just one player at this point.

    1. Absolutely agree and cannot imagine that the Dodgers are seriously considering Correa. I, for one, will never accept this smug, unrepenting, player as a Dodgers. “But for” 2017 Correa and “crew” ……still smh.

  3. Really? This is seriously being considered?

    The Dodgers already have a SS and a very good one.

    While the players might ‘go along’ with it, they have to, they are employees and professionals.

    But do not under estimate the the how the fans feel. They will hate it.

  4. I wish somehow MLB and all of its teams and players would commit to the Litte Leauge Pledge
    We of fans of the game should also demand it. What has happened to the game?

    Little League Pledge

    I trust in God
    I love my country
    And will respect its laws
    I will play fair
    And strive to win
    But win or lose
    I will always do my best

  5. We already have a really good shortstop in Turner plus shortstop prospects. And if we didn’t I would still tell Correa to pound sand!

    1. So what happens next offseason when the Dodgers find out that Trea Turner wants to go into free agency? You guys think the Dodgers will get a rookie SS to take over in 2023 and on? They never trust any other player in past years to take over any position because they are the DODGERS!!! And Roberts and Friedman need a SUPERSTAR at shortstop regardless.
      So, vanity is the way to go and they will consider signing Correa because Correa is a SUPERSTAR and better and more durable than Seager and they need to show Seager that he won’t be missed.

  6. I love the Dodgers; probably too much. It’s not an exaggeration to say that signing Carlos Correa, especially to a decade long deal, would end my fandom.

  7. Dodgers have a catastrophic history at taking on players of bad character. Somewhat recently, think Brian Wilson and Trevor Bauer. Feel free to add to the list. Have any worked out to the benefit of the team?

    The only thing I know about Correa is that he participated in a cheating scandal that he got away with. I need not know more.

  8. Never. I could not be more adamantly opposed. There is no one in sports who I despise more. He has not been the least bit remorseful. I do not want someone who feels they have to cheat to win.

  9. Another RESOUNDING NO!! Was this just the topic of conversation a couple weeks ago or less??

    “but he’s also considered by most fans to be the most loathed member.” Correction: Altuve would be the most loathed, Correa would be close second.

    “So LA fans would have plenty of time to get past what happened in 2017.”
    ARE you kidding me?!? I don’t care if they signed him until the next rapture, MOST fans (including myself), would still not “get passed what happened”

    1. Still don’t understand why Altuve is at the top of the list. Correa, Bregman, Gurriel, Reddick, Mcculers.. were all bigger arrogant cheaters than Altuve. In fact they were all unlikeable before it was known they were cheats

  10. A cheater is still a cheater whether he is wearing Astro orange or Dodger blue. He has no place on a Dodger team. You might ask Andre or Clayton how they would feel about him. He is one of an entire team of scumbags that shouldn’t be allowed on a Major League diamond.

  11. Cortes is evil don’t want or need him he sucks. Keep him off the team and whole your at it get rid of Hair he was a mistake in the first place. Should have kept be eager instead.

  12. Altuve was wearing a device that transmitted sign-stealing info to him. He hit a walk-off home run. Rounding the bases he motioned to his bench not to tear off his jersey. He lied about it.

    After Bauer, character becomes more important. This makes the question of whether Corea would be a good value at 10 years, $35+ million, no longer relevant.

    Aside from character, position players tend to peak in value at age 27, retain that level for a few years, then start to lose productivity around 32 or so, and decline thereafter. No more 10-year contracts, please, unless it is with younger than 25-year-old players. The deal with Betts is for far too long. What is he going to be like at age 35-38?

    On the other hand, if contracts for superstars increase in value by 7% each year, in 8 years the top AAV is going to be double what it is today [$50 million AAV – $70 million AAV or more]. So in years 8-10, a huge AAV contract today may seem not outrageous 8 years from now. Pujos was getting $24 million AAV from the Angels. It did not work out for the last few years, but he was not getting $35/year, either.

  13. I’m gonna say yes on Correa. Trea is a choke artist and doesn’t give off vibes that he wants to be here. Correa is clutch and has a more championship caliber attitude which was missing last year. I guess Betts was only motivated to be a leader his first year

    1. I wonder how Correa would handle when he starts hitting 500 in a weekly span and drrrrrrr sits him? Or he has to play on the 2nd base side of the diamond half of the time? How about when Drrrrrr burns up the pitching staff and Correa thought he was signing on to a coherent manager? That’s the real questions.

        1. You have a point. Maybe instead of demanding a trade right after he had to watch the drrrrr circus, he could be the 2nd Big Name super star to point out the truth. Maybe he would stir up the experiment.

    2. and Correa gives off good vibes? Are you kidding me? That bastard is indignant towards the Dodger players, fans, and mlb as a whole. I’m a lifelong fan with tough skin because I realize this is a business, but if he were acquired I’d rethink my affinity toward the Dodgers and baseball in general. I’m sure a lot of other fans think the same.

      1. He gives off champion vibes. It’s severely lacking on this team. Like I said before Betts was a leader his first year but there were no leaders on this team in 2021

  14. Would be one of the worse moves that the Dodgers could make. I love my club and hope that we never see this.

  15. Let’s get one fact straight. There was no cheating from the Astros. It was never proven by Rob Manfred. The Astros beat the Dodgers in Game 7 IN LOS ANGELES. It’s that simple. Next, Carlos Correa is a superstar. He’s the only player that’s got the guts to talk trash, and the only player who can walk his talk. I don’t see any Dodger players talking trash, because none of them have the guts to talk trash. Carlos Correa is the equivalent of Kirk Gibson. If the Dodgers sign Correa, they win the the World Series next year. So all you Carlos Correa bashers need to shut up, get down on your knees and beg Correa to sign with the Dodgers.

  16. You’re funny. Definitely a troll, or dumb enough to think anyone would buy such trash. By the way, he’s got no guts, and he’s not a real man. He perpetraded an ELABORATE cheating scam that’s already been accepted as fact by everyone. That’s gutless because he’s not brave enough to prove himself on a level playing field against a superior team like the 2017 Dodgers, or the 2017 Yankees for that matter. And he’s definitely no Kirk Gibson. Gibby would probably slap you silly if you said that in front of him. LOL.

  17. There’s a difference between championship vibes and ahole vibes. Betts had it with positive vibes and invigorated the clubhouse. There’s nothing positive about Correa. I wouldn’t want my kid to emulate him. I’d be ashamed.

      1. They were all in the nlcs after winning 106 games with a huge number of games lost to injury. They wound up a couple of games short. That’s what makes the WS such a great accomplishment. Baseball is the most unpredictable sport, in football and basketball teams can win 80-90% of their games. In baseball the best win 70% and the worst lose 70%. Correa’s leadership only goes all the way when his team knows the next pitch.

  18. And correa will bring leadership to the Dodgers? To the players he screwed over? Do you really think anyone there respects him? The Dodgers were dealing with unprecedented injuries – Betts and Turner included. Who’s to say they didn’t bring leadership? Were you in the clubhouse? They still made it to the NLCS despite all that. How did they make it that far without leadership?

    1. Betts knew the whole time he was screwing over the Dodgers in 2018 as did Joe Kelly yet this team welcomed them both and respected Betts enough to listen to him on day one of spring training 2020

      1. oh by the way – the real kicker with Correa is his indignant ahole attitude towards the Dodgers and fans. He’s a class No 1 ahole. I can’t recall a bigger one.

      2. Read the Houston take on Correa’s situation. Nobody cares, LA tried to sign Seager and the fan base was distraught, Atlanta fans will not accept losing Freeman. And Houston fans point to their wrist and say it’s time. He’s clutch when he knows what pitch is coming.

  19. From what I recall Betts was vetted and cleared of any cheating before being signed. Same with Kelly. Or am I getting this wrong?

  20. Dodgers should make an offer to Carlos Correa. Here’s the offer: Carlos, the Dodgers offer you whatever the minimum is for one year. He, for some reason, accepts. Then the Dodgers tell him he is forbidden to show up at Dodgers Stadium, any training facilities, any Dodgers offices or anywhere that is Dodgers related. He also cannot show up to the Dodgers minor league facilities. Go sit at home and you cannot speak about the Dodgers at all. Then the Dodgers tell Carlos that we need to do an MRI. We tell Carlos that he needs surgery. Then we let Cody Bellinger and Joe Kelly perform the surgery.

  21. The idea of Correa being a Dodger is preposterous! Why would Dodger fans want a guy that cheated against them in the World Series? Why would Dodger players that were members of the 2017 Dodgers want him as a teammate? Talk about conflict and lack of team harmony! Its insulting to Dodger fans and the Dodgers organization that this would even be considered. There is, obviously, much more to be considered here then his statistics and abilities as a shortstop. He cheated!! Against the Dodgers!! My gosh, there are other shortstops to choose from!!!

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