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Dodgers Offseason: Yankees May Not be as in on Corey Seager Market as Previously Thought

In terms of prize players available on the free agent market this winter — true game changer talent — the Dodgers might just lead the pack amongst major league teams. Several key players from the 2021 team are sprinkled across multiple top-10 free agents lists. However, no one might be as coveted this winter as shortstop Corey Seager.

The 27-year-old is the consensus number two player available in free agency this offseason, and someone the two biggest spenders in the league have been linked to in rumors. Yes, the Dodgers and New York Yankees lead the way amongst teams with reported interest in Seager. However, one MLB insider feels that the Yankees might not be as engaged as has been previously rumored.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post had this to say over the weekend.

Executives and player representatives who have dealt with the Yankees so far in free agency sense that they are monitoring the elite shortstop group rather than participating in it, waiting to see if a market collapses, in which case they might still swoop in to try to sign one.

If Seager plans or hopes to sign a contract before December 1st, as was reported a few weeks ago, the Yankees’ hopes of inking the two-time All-Star might just end up being a pipe dream. But, as we’ve seen with recent offseasons, these big name free agent types often take a while to sign a deal. Whether they want to or not.

Dodgers & Yankees Battling to Sign Corey Seager, Seager Could Sign Big Deal Soon + GIVEAWAY!!

Other insiders still expect New York to be in on Seager, even if Sherman feels otherwise.’s Mark Feinsand recently wrote that Corey remains “seemingly atop the Yankees’ wish list.” Former Houston Astros Carlos Correa has been linked as well, but there appears to be lingering bad blood there in the long fallout from the sign stealing scandal and with comments made by the shortstop earlier this week.

One player that could make an abundance of sense for the Yanks if they wish to pay less of a premium for a high-quality shortstop is Chris Taylor. But, the hope remains that he can re-up with the Dodgers on a multi-year deal this offseason.

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    1. A damn good agent at that…the Yankees probably bluffing…Seager is the best bat in free agency…he will get paid

  1. If the Yankees drop out on Seager, how much does that impact the asking price since the Yankees are known to be a cost driver?

  2. His agent is the greedy bastard, no one other than Scot Effing Boras. Any wonder why there are so few suitors? Seager is not worth 300+ Million. Not a chance.

  3. NY playing the, ‘we MIGHT be interested if he were cheaper’ game.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  4. I say sign Seager to play 3rd base and move JT to 1st. Have him play 3rd, he’ll cost much less and he hits just as well as Seager does. The Seager I’m talking about is Kyle Seager, he’s a FA also and would be a PERFECT Dodger to solve one of our problems. Sign Kyle, let Corey go….

  5. Seager has had several injuries and can’t seem to play an entire season. The Dodgers should be very wary of signing him to a long-term contract. He’s also not the best glove and is not worth $30 million a year, particularly when they have a better shortstop already on the team. JT is still an excellent fielder, as well as a good batter. He should stay at 3rd, at least until his contract expires. They should extend Trea and bring back CT3, Kershaw, and Jansen on reasonable contracts. Bellinger had a half-season of brilliance, but has been an average or less hitter since then. LA should consider trading him for some excellent prospects in order to rebuild the farm system. Seager can walk.

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