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Dodgers: Opening Day In Jeopardy as California Limits Crowd Sizes

The news continues to get worse for sports fans in relation to the coronavirus. The Dodgers’ Opening Series is in danger as the California Department of Public Health has recommended crowd sizes be limited to just 250 people per venue. If there were to become a mandate, fans would likely not be allowed into Dodger Stadium to watch the games.

The alternative to playing games without crowds would likely be pushing back games. But depending on how long this potential mandate would last, that may not be an option. It seems more and more likely every day that the Dodgers will be playing in an empty stadium on March 26th.

The good news here is that there are still a few weeks for the Dodgers to figure things out. As of now, none of the Spring Training games being played in Arizona and Florida have been canceled. The Mariners and Athletics are the only two teams who are almost certain to have to find alternative options as their city’s mandates are already in effect. 

The NBA decided to halt all games and activities until they are able to have a broader discussion about the issue on Thursday. The league came to a screeching halt on Wednesday when a member of the Utah Jazz tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The NHL issued a statement shortly after the NBA shut down, and will continue to play games. 

We will have on word from the Dodgers and Major League Baseball, both of whom are likely to make a statement this week. Los Angeles opens up their season against the rival Giants on March 26th for a three-game series. They were scheduled to play six-straight home games to open the year.

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  1. This fear mongering hoax will last at least a year. The whole season is done and no all star game

    1. Coronavirus is real and we need a vaccine ASAP, but this fearful response is insanity. The Astros stole a title from the Dodgers in 2017 and coronavirus will steal the 2020 title. Baseball is a small thing compared to society as a whole, but this fear is a real threat to all areas of society. When people lock themselves in their own home, they aren’t really living at all, they’re just existing. Baseball is simple and pure. It’s always been a release from the mundane and difficult parts of life. Eliminating it will only make this problem worse. Fear is the most dangerous virus of all. It’s deadly. It kills from the inside out.

    2. Don,they are going to have to cancel the election.Putting POTUS in there for 4 more years. Boy that will turn their scare tactic around quick..

      1. Left wing California politicians are deciding the fate of Dodger baseball? Couldn’t we get a group of kindergarten children to come up with some real ideas?

        1. 106, Newsome will tax everyone that get’s the virus……..And anyone who is quarantined , and also high risk people. And they can keep their Dr…

      1. good luck with that Don…… I suggest not only more Toilet paper, but plenty of tissue for you come Nov.

  2. Four more years is not happening! Not for this idiotic in the Oval Office! He does not CARE ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE! Just himself period!!!!!

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