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Dodgers Opening Day Tickets Going For Absurd Prices on Resale Market

The Dodgers are still unsure that they will be able to host any fans at all on Opening Day. While there’s hope that they can, it would almost certainly be in some sort of limited capacity. The team has not yet given a for sure rejection of the idea as we head into Spring Training. 

Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten even talked about being hopeful this week. In a video message sent out to season ticket holders, Kasten said that he was hoping to have fans in a limited capacity by the time April rolls around. The team’s home opener is on April 9th against the Nationals. 

Despite the uncertainty, fans have already taken to the resale websites in an effort to sell those tickets. Season ticket holders have started posting their tickets to Opening Day and weekend on Stubhub, and the prices are insane. The LA Times recently did a deep dive into what the current market is for those tickets. 

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If you want to buy tickets to the Dodgers Opening Day and sit at the cheapest seat on Stubhub with your family, it’s going to cost you close to $1500 per ticket. That price is for a group of 4 and cannot be bought individually. 

Alternatively, someone could buy a single reserve level ticket that is currently listed at $9,000(!) for Opening Day. Vivid seats also had over 90 tickets listed with the cheapest option being a $445 reserve level seat. There were also tickets listed as high as $8,644 and had to be bought in pairs. 

All of that to say, if fans are allowed to attend the Dodgers home opener, it’s going to be crazy expensive. in 2021. 

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  1. I think that’s just brokers putting up spec (speculative) sales at this point. As a season ticket holder they haven’t even put tickets in our accounts yet so there’s no way of knowing what games you get. Brokers do this as they figure they can buy the tickets for less if they already know they have a buyer for whom money is no object.

  2. There ought to be a law against this type of robbery that no Dodgers fan of limited means can afford. I remember in the days before these greedy ticket brokers existed there were scalpers along Vin Scully Ave (Elysian Park Ave. then) selling tickets for inflated prices. If they got on Dodger property they would be arrested. Ah, the good old days when a top deck seat cost $1.50, reserved level $2.50 and field level was $3.50. I’d take 2 busses from the Valley and walk up the hill from Sunset Blvd. to sit on aisle 9 in the top deck to see Koufax pitch a Perfect Game against the Cubs for $1.50.

  3. Spring ball tickets are through the roof as well. These Brokers who buy up the tickets are now gouging the ticket prices. Looks like I won’t be going to any spring ball games

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